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The ILL hosts around 40 PhD students. The topics of these PhDs cover every possible type of research with neutrons.

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2016 Clip Session - 6th of June - 9:00

Chadwick Amphitheater, ILL4 (ground floor)




First session of Clip presentations from 9h00-10h30



Ansbro, Simon Revealing entanglement in a molecular nanomagnet dimer through neutron spectroscopy   
Beauvois, Ketty The elementary excitations in quantum fluids   
Berke, Barbara Effect of carbon nanoparticle loading on the mechanical and thermoresponsive properties of PNIPA based hydrogels   
Brocco, Benjamin Investigating the bacterial translocation machinery by Small Angle Scattering   
Delhom, Robin Yeast as a tool for relevant labelled biomembranes studies   
Doege, Stefan Scattering Cross Sections of Liquid and Solid Deuterium for Ultracold Neutrons and an Approach to their Calculation   
Gonzalez, Adrián Spatial Correlations during the melting transition of DNA   
Hansen, Henriette Wase Ageing in glass-forming liquids   
Hervy, Jordan Modelling the Tau protein - microtubule interaction
Joly, Loïc    The role of the protein corona in the interaction between engineered nanoparticles and cell membrane model systems   
Korolkovas, Airidas    Simulation of entangled polymer solutions   
Lançon, Diane    Spin correlations in the lightly doped semiconductor oxide Mn:ZnO using polarised neutron scattering   
Lattanzi, Veronica   Lipid-protein interaction in amyloid disease, an universal mechanism?    
Lefrancois, Emilie    Synthesis and study of iridium oxide compounds for entangled spin-orbit physics   
Lorne, Thomas    Study of covalent grafting of fluorophores on double-walled carbon nanotubes   
Channell, Jennifer    SANS studies of the host-pathogen interaction underlying HIV infection   
Peet, Joseph    Transport Mechanisms in Oxide Ion Conductors   

Coffee-break at 10h30-11h00


Second session of Clip presentations from 11h00-12h30


Lemishko, TetianaInelastic Neutron Scattering study of Brønsted acidity in LTA zeolite
Lopes Selvati, Ana Carolina Insights on the encapsulation of iron-phthalocyanine inside single-wall carbon nanotubes: a 1D organic chain?    
Marret, Elodie Kinetic studies of inner ordered nanomedicine formation: microfluidic to control distribution and internal structure
Thalhammer, Martin Snapshots of a Quantum Bouncing Ball realized with the qBounce gravity spectrometer    
Mazzuca, Lidia      Neutron and X-ray studies on the multiferroic compound {(NH3CH3)[Co(HCOO) 3]}n    
Ngono Mebenga, FredericInvestigation of amorphous pharmaceutical by means of neutron scattering experiment
Noferini, Daria    Neutrons for "clean energy" materials: following protons in hydrated acceptor doped barium zirconates
Piazza, Irina    Water dynamics in alive cells
Polidori, Annalisa   Structure of geological fluids by neutron diffraction
Renzi, Tatiana    Batteries scrutinized in depth with neutrons
Wawrzynczak, Rafal    Magnetoelastic effects in frustrated magnets   
Yee, Alycia    Targeting transthyretin amyloidosis: Neutron diffraction analysis of a pathogenic protein   
Zakutna, Dominika    Magnetoviscous effects in hybrid ferrofluidic dispersions   
Zeller, Dominik    Development of new methods to study molecular dynamics with neutron scattering   
Lopez Garcia, Javier  Influence of the microestructure on the martensitic transformation and physical properties in magnetic shape memory alloys   
Hafner, Aljosa Off-specular neutron reflection from buried soft interfaces    
Kuhlman, Kristijan  Pushing the limits of neutron backscattering: A GaAs option for IN16B 
Kandzia, Felix Search for sterile neutrinos with STEREO


Coffee-Break and poster session at 14h00


Clip Session Dinner at 19h30 at L'Osteria


Organized by the ILL PhD student representatives: 

Ana Carolina Lopes Selvati and Adrian Gonzalez Rodriguez (