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The ILL hosts around 40 PhD students. The topics of these PhDs cover every possible type of research with neutrons.

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2014 Clip Session - 8th of April - 13:00

Chadwick Amphitheater, ILL4 (ground floor)

Name Title
Year Division/Group #
13:00 – Part I (Chair: Diane Lançon)
Session: Structure and Dynamics of Materials
Chiara Cavallari Probing the local environment of carbon nanostructures by Neutron Spectroscopy
3 TOF/HR (11)
Matteo Bianchini In-situ neutron diffraction studies of electrode materials for Li-ion batteries
2 DIF (12)
Pierre-François Lory Dynamic in Complex Metallic Alloys
2 CS (13)
Natalia Woźnica Obtaining structural information of amorphous carbon materials utilising PDF analysis
3-4 DIF (14)
Session: Nuclear and Particle Physics
Felix Rosenau Neutron lifetime measurements with HOPE
3 NPP (21)
Fabien Lafont Neutron lifetime measurements with HOPE : Future upgrades
1 NPP (22)
Guillaume Gey The Holy Grail of nuclear physicist: exploration east of the 132Sn
3 NPP (23)
Romain Virot Calibration sources for proton-spectroscopy
1 NPP (24)
Damien Roulier Studies of/with gravitational quantum states of neutrons in the GRANIT spectrometer
2 NPP (25)
Martin Thalhammer qBounce: Gravity Resonance Spectroscopy to test Dark Matter models
1 NPP (26)
Session: Neutron Techniques and Instrumentation
Romain Boffy Design of a new neutron delivery system for high flux source
2 DPT (31)
Session: Soft Matter
Valentino Russo Single particle dynamics of water-methanol mixtures from quasielastic neutron scattering and molecular dynamics simulations
3 TOF/HR (41)
Markus Appel Ring rotation in Ferrocene and Ferrocene containing polymers
3 TOF/HR (42)
Christophe Higy Polyelectrolyte conformation in Layer-by-Layer assembled nanoscale films
3 SMSS (43)
Federica Sebastiani Nighttime oxidation of organic surfactant at the air-water interface
3 LSS (44)
Samuel Hanot Structure and dynamics of ionic surfactants
2 Theory (45)
Clélia Martin Cellulose nanocrystals multilayers: relationship between mechanical and/or optical properties
2 LSS (46)
Ernesto Scoppola Solvent extraction: Liquid/Liquid interfaces by x-Ray and Neutrons Reflectivity
2 SMSS (47)
Airidas Korolkovas Interfacial structure of entangled polymer brushes under shear
1 LSS (48)

15:00 – 15:45 (indicative)
Coffee break & Poster Session

15:45 (indicative) – Part II (Chair: Markus Appel)
Session: Magnetism & Quantum Fluids
Laura Chaix Dynamical magneto-electric coupling in multiferroic compounds
3 DIF (51)
Louis Lemberger Flux Lines in Nb3Sn
3 LSS (52)
Eron Cemal Magnon-phonon coupling in Na0.8CoO2
2 TAS (53)
Simon Holbein Chiral magnetism in multiferroics investigated by polarised neutrons
3 TAS & DIF (54)
Emilie Lefrançois Physical properties of 5d based magnetic materials
1 DIF (55)
Eva Hirtenlechner Excitations in the quantum Heisenberg chain CuSO4*5D2O
3 TAS (56)
Diane Lançon The story of FePS3, a quasi-2D antiferromagnet
2 TOF/HR (57)
Ketty Beauvois The elementary excitations in quantum fluids
1 TOF/HR (58)
Session: Biology & Life Science
Alycia Ai Woon Yee Targeting transthyretin amyloidosis: Neutron diffraction analysis of a pathogenic protein
1 Life Sciences (60)
Orla Dunne Unravelling the structural interactions of Complement Factor H with its C-reactive protein and C3d ligands
2 Life Sciences (61)
Cecilia Casadei Transient intermediates in Heme Peroxidases: a multidisciplinary approach
2 LSS (62)
Ashley Jordan Structural Studies of Chromatin Proteins in the Human Malarial Parasite
2 Life Sciences (63)
Ziad Ibrahim Unraveling the mechanism of protein degradation at a molecular level: a time-resolved small angle neutron scattering study of the proteasome activating complex
2 Life Sciences (64)
Samuel Lenton The role of Osteopontin in the stabilisation of biofluids
3 D-LAB (65)
Jérémie Marion High pressure studies on biomolecules probed by neutron scattering
2 TOF/HR (67)

17:30 – Open end (indicative)
Poster Session & Discussion

19:30 Dinner (for students and supervisors)

... organized by the ILL PhD student representatives:

Diane Lançon and Markus Appel (


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