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The ILL hosts around 40 PhD students. The topics of these PhDs cover every possible type of research with neutrons.

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2013 Clip Session - 28th of March - Chadwick Amphitheater

2013 Clip Session - 28th of March - Start at 13:30 - Chadwick

First session - Chair: Alexis de Ghellinck
~~~ Nuclear and Particle Physics ~~~
Gey GuillaumeStudy of Nuclear Structure with the Lohengrin Mass Spectrometer2
Klauser Christine High Precision Neutron Polarisation with Supermirrors3
Maisonobe Romain
The retardation spectrometer aSPECT: neutron beta-decay study
Rosenau Felix
HOPE - a magnetic trap to measure the neutron lifetime
~~~ Time of Flight ~~~

Appel MarkusMagnetic Soft Control of Ferrocene Containing Polymers?2
Bahn EmmanuelHydrogen diffusion on carbon and metal surfaces: A systematic study1
Cavallari ChiaraNew insights into hydrogen absorption of graphene based compounds2
Lancon DianeMagnetic Excitations in a frustrated spin 1/2 system: SrCu2(BO3)21
Mhanna RamonaConfinement-induced nano-segregation of binary liquids with amphiphilic interactions.
Russo ValentinoUnveiling the mystery of the water-methanol solutions: structural dynamics of water-methanol mixtures from quasi-elastic neutron scattering and molecular simulations1
Sigrist MarcMagnetostructural correlations in [Mn3O]7+ core Single Molecule Magnets3
Lory Pierre-FrancoisLattice dynamics of periodic approximants to the decagonal quasicrystal

~~~ Theory~~~

Hanot Samuel
scattering and transport in hydrated ionic polymers: a numerical study1


~~~ Three Axis~~~

Cemal Eron
Magnetic excitations in spin-1/2 systems

Cermak PetrMonochromatic Focusing in ThALES - new Triple-Axis spectrometer3
Hirtenlechner Eva
Excitations in the Heisenberg antiferromagnetic chain CuSO4*5D2O 2
Holbein SimonNeutron scattering studies on chiral magnetism in multiferroics

Coffee Break and Poster Session - 30mins -
from 15:00 to 15:30(indicative)

Second session - Chair:  Christine Klauser
~~~ Large Scale Structure ~~~
Beebee CharlotteStudy of polymer electrodeposition using neutron reflectometry
Blanc Manuel
Structural studies of the molecular basis of host-pathogen interactions in malaria
de Ghellinck Alexis
Probing structure and specific interactions of yeast membranes by neutron reflectometry
Higy Christophe
Polyelectrolyte conformation in Layer-by-Layer assembled nanoscale films
Lemberger Louis
Flux line lattice in unconventional superconductors
Mariani Giacomo
macromolecular self assembling investigated by SANS
Martin Clelia
Cellulose nanocrystals/polymer nanocomposites : relationships between structural and mechanical or optical properties in multilayered films
Niyazi Hakan
Ruthenium polypyridyl light-switch compounds bound to DNA - a crystallographic study
Scoppola Ernesto
Liquid-Liquid interface for ion partitioning
Sebastiani Federica
High time resolution neutron reflectometry for understanding atmospheric chemical reactions
Ziad Ibrahim
Unraveling the mechanism of protein degradation at a molecular level : a time-resolved small angle neutron scattering study of the proteasome activating complex.
Dunne Orla
Interaction of complement factor H with its C-reactive and C3d ligands1
~~~ Diffraction~~~
Chaix LauraThe iron langasite compound : a new multiferroic ?2
Di Pumpo AntoniettaHydrogen bonding structure and polymorphism in agrochemicals 2
Aba-Perea Pierre Emanuel
In-situ stress relaxation studies in Nickel-Base Superalloys forgings 1
~~~ Projet et Techniques ~~~
Boffy RomainDesign of a new neutron delivery system for high flux source1
Piscitelli FrancescoThe 10B-based Multi-Blade detector

End of the clip session - Poster Time - 17.00-18.00 p.m (indicative)


 The Clip Session Dinner will take place in the city center, at Table Ronde

 Dinner will start at about 19.30