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The ILL hosts around 40 PhD students. The topics of these PhDs cover every possible type of research with neutrons.

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2012 Clip Session - 16th of April - Chadwick Amphitheater

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Links to the files will appear at the bottom of this page.

2012 Clip Session - 16th of April - Start at 2 p.m - Chadwick

First session - Chair: Colin Bousige
~~~ Diffraction ~~~
Laura ChaixFrustration induced complex phase diagram in the spinel GeFe2O41#01
Christan SippelStacking disordered ice in the Atmosphere3
~~~ Large Scale Structures and Deuteration Lab ~~~
Charlotte BeebeeNeutron reflectometry studies of electrochemically controlled changes in Polyaniline films2
Ida BertsInterface and Bulk Studies of Hyaluronic Acid Polymer 3
Manuel BlancStructural studies of the molecular basis of host-pathogen interactions in malaria2
Alexis De GhellinckResveratrol incorporation in lipid bilayers: a neutron reflectivity study2
Samuel LentonOsteopontin self assembly in the context of biomineralization
Hakan NiyaziDNA binding Polypyridal Ruthenium complexes1
Federica SebastianiNeutron reflectometry applied to atmospheric night-time oxidation1
Jessica Valle OreroLongitudinal phonons in oriented DNA fibres studied with a Three-Axis Spectrometer
~~~ Nuclear and Particle Physics ~~~
Christine KlauserHigh Precision Polarisation of Large Cold Neutron Beams2
Romain MaisonobeNeutron beta-decay study with the spectrometer aSPECT2
Felix RosenauHOPE - a magnetic UCN trap to measure the neutron lifetime1

Coffee Break and Poster Session - 45mins -
from 3.15 to 4.00 p.m (indicative)

Second session - Chair:  Ida Berts
~~~ Neutron Detection and Optic Service ~~~
Jonathan Correa10B4C Multi-Grid as an alternative to 3He for Large Area Neutron Detectors3
Francesco PiscitelliAlternatives to 3He: 10B-based Multi- Blade detector2
~~~ Time of Flight ~~~
Markus AppelRing Rotation Dynamics of Ferrocene and Ferrocene-containing Polymers1#29
Colin BousigeStructure and dynamics of a textbook one-dimensional system: carbon peapods3
Irene Calvo AlmazanDiffusive regime transitions in graphitic systems3
Chiara CavallariInelastic neutron scattering on chemically synthesized graphene1
Vincent GlenissonProtein diffusion in solution1
Wiebke KnollDynamics of a myelin model membrane influenced by myelin proteins MBP and P23
Mark Sigrist
Electronic structure characterisation of a series of [Mn3O]7+ core single molecule magnets by inelastic neutron scattering3
~~~ Triple Axis Spectroscopy ~~~
Petr CermákStudy of heavy-fermion superconductors from R2TIn8 series1
Eva HirtenlechnerProbing triplet excitations in (VO)2P2O7 using three-axis spectroscopy1

End of the clip session - Poster Time - 5.30 p.m (indicative)