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The ILL hosts around 40 PhD students. The topics of these PhDs cover every possible type of research with neutrons.

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Clip Session 2009


Tuesday April 14th 2009, Start at 13:30, End around 17:15

Chadwick Ampitheatre



First session - Chair: Kent Leung

Soft matter and Biology

Ivanov, Ivan

Structure, Assembly and Dynamics of RNA Virus Replication Complex
Martinez, Nicolas
Structural characterization of a chaperone-client protein complex : Fha30/Par27
Mossou, Estelle
Neutron and X-ray characterisation of self assembling filamentous structures
Munnur, Deeksha
Neutron and X-ray crystallographic studies on DNA-minor groove binding drugs
Nagy, Gergely Photosynthesis related lamellar systems
Trapp, Marcus
Hydration dependent dynamics of model membranes
Fisher, Stuart
Determination of Protonation States in Proteins
Schollier, AudreyProtein adsorption onto PEG brushes by neutron reflectometry
Tatou, MounaFirst steps towards the understanding of the reinforcement effect in silica-latex nanocomposites
Heunemann, PeggySurvey lecture about emulsions
Gillespie, ShonaNeutron diffraction studies on the structure-sweetness relationship in thaumatin
Valle Orero, Jessica
Investigation of DNA denaturing using Scattering Techniques
Gallat, Francois-XavierCoupling of water and protein dynamics around globular and intrinsically unfolded proteins
Hennig, MarcusNeutron spectroscopy and complementary techniques on protein model systems in concentrated solutions

Coffee Break - 30 mins

Second session - Chair: Marcus Trapp


Wilkinson, Michael
The structure and dynamics of organic molecules under nanoscale confinement
Petaccia, Mauricio
Dynamics of Interlayer Water Confined at the Nanometer Scale in Swelling Clays Minerals

Liquids, Glasses and Chemistry

Aoun, Bachir

Room temperature ionic liquids

Eibl, Stefan
Structure of the highly fragile glass former Decalin
Kozaily, Jad
Structure and Dynamics of High Temperature Levitated Liquids
Szubrin, Daniel
Ruby(dium) Tuesday - a homage to Rolling Stones and liquid metals

Nuclear and Particle Physics

Leung, Kent
The lifetime of the free neutron and particle physics
Simson, Martin
The Proton Spectrum in Neutron Decay
Ferroglio, Luca
Molar Planck Constant determination and Kilogram redefinition
McCann, Michael
Magnetometry for cryoEDM

Baker, Michael

Finite Size and Coordination Effects in Chromium(III) Antiferromagnetic Molecules
Mourigal, Martin

Multi-magnon excitations of a quantum antiferrromagnet
Rasch, Julia
Spin-lattice coupling in CuCrS2
Canevet, Emmanuel
Longitudinal Spin density wave in Ising-like Antiferromagnet