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3He spin-filters

The ILL has firmly established itself as a pioneer in neutron science and technology. Neutron beams are used to carry out frontier research in diverse fields.

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Neutron technology at ILL

3He spin filters

The 3He neutron absorption cross section is extremely spin dependent. The polarised gas acts as a neutron spin-filter (NSF) both for creating the polarisation of the incident beam and for analysing the polarisation after the sample.
Now available in sufficiently large quantities for several instruments to be supplied every day via the Tyrex central facility, 3He Neutron Spin Filters (NSF) Cells are becoming an attractive solution for neutron beam polarisation over large solid angles and for the whole range of neutron wavelengths.





The 3He Team

 David Jullien - Nicolas Thiery - Pascal Mouveau - Alexander Petoukhov