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Neutrons in Biology 2011

European Photon and Neutron (EPN) Science Campus, 19-20th October.

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Please note: if you believe you have completed the registration form but have received no confirmation of registration nor instructions for payment please contact Karine Sultan ( asap!

Modern structural biology poses many challenges of direct relevance to priorities for health, energy and industry. Whereas in recent decades there has been a major emphasis on high throughput techniques and high resolution information that has typically been provided by X-ray crystallography, it is becoming evident that there is now a far greater need for interdisciplinary approaches. There is increasing recognition of the fact that biological systems have to be studied in a far more integrated way, using methods that span resolution boundaries from atomic to cellular levels, and employing a wide range of techniques for in vitro and in vivo biophysical and structural characterisation.Within this overall vision lies the realisation that biological neutron scattering experiments are at their most powerful when complemented by the capabilities of the other methods such as synchrotron X-rays, electron microscopy, NMR, SPR, ITC etc. This Neutrons in Biology and Biotechnology meeting focuses on the areas where neutron techniques go beyond traditional limitations by making use of these approaches.

The meeting will be followed by a (standalone) 3 days "hands-on" Neutrons in Biology School - NIB 2011 School - in which extensive training will be given for the application of neutrons in crystallography, small-angle scattering, and reflection studies, as well as complementary techniques.

Please note: the workshop and the school are independent events. Participants are welcome to both: a pre-registration is required for the NIB 2011 School (see Satellite School tab for more information).

Important Deadlines!

- Neutrons in Biology and Biotechnology meeting: Flyer available here.

- NIB 2011 Satellite School: Flyer available here.