From Wednesday December 11, 2024 at 1:30 pm to Friday December 13, 2024 at 5:30 pm

This workshop is dedicated to single crystal diffraction with polarized neutrons. It will follow similar workshops hosted at ILL in 2010 and 2013, and in Münich in 2016.


Polarized neutron techniques provide powerful tools for the study of the structure and dynamics of condensed matter systems.  They are particularly effective in the field of magnetism, where they provide clean and unambiguous information on magnetic moment distributions and orientations.  The certainty in the conclusions improves significantly when measuring single crystals, where polarized neutrons are used to solve complex magnetic structures, to map magnetization density distributions, to detect quantitatively multipolar moments, and to determine spin-spin correlation functions in disordered and magnetically-frustrated materials.

To continue to spread the interest in polarized-neutron diffraction amongst the physics, chemistry, material science and biology scientific communities, a three-day International Workshop on Single-Crystal Diffraction with Polarized Neutrons will be held at the ILL in Grenoble on 11th-13th December 2024.  The workshop will focus on the application of half-polarized and polarization-analysis neutron methods to fundamental research and to functional research in areas with a strong societal impact, probing length scales from the atomic to mesoscopic in crystalline solids with a focus on multiferroic, topological, superconducting and other smart materials.  The workshop aims to complement the broader scope offered by the biennial PNCMI, and will be run as a satellite to the ILL/ESS User Meeting, also in Grenoble.

Preliminary session titles:
- Chirality
- Frustrated magnetism
- Molecular magnetism
- Multiferroics
- Multipolar order/moments
- Superconductivity
- Topological materials
- Smart materials