Science at ILL

Neutrons are a unique probe of matter and therefore have the power to reveal what is invisible to other techniques. They are a powerful tool for investigating Nature in many ways and they have a unique place at the forefront of modern scientific research.

Over the years, with the development of ingenious techniques  and more precise instruments, experiments using neutrons have been able to explore an ever broader range of increasingly complex scientific problems. Neutrons answer many of today’s leading questions in science, from how the building blocks of the Universe came into being, to how the complex processes of life work.
For more than 40 years, ground-breaking experiments at the cutting edge of research are carried out using the ILL facilities in fields as varied as molecular biology, chemistry, fundamental physics, materials science and the environment.

The scientific examples reported in the different science areas gives a flavour of what can be done with neutrons in condensed matter and nuclear and particle physics.

Many examples of neutron experiments are also to be found in our recent press releases, or in the many brochures available.