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The ILL scale model

The ILL scale model was built in 1997 and computarized in 1998. It has been upgraded in 2009-2010 so as to show the ILL as anticipated in 2013. It is usually located in the entrance hall of the ILL.

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The ILL scale model

The ILL scale Model

The scale model of the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) is usually on display in the ILL entrance hall, but is sometimes away on show at an exhibition or congres. It shows the ILL buildings and neutron facility with the instrument suite as it is planned for 2013.
The ILL model is more than simply a scale model since it provides about 500 pages of information via its software and database.

Most of these pages were merged to the "Instruments & groups" pages (nov 2012).

When on the model
Press a button of the control panel of the model (> 2 seconds), a set of associated pages are shown on the touchscreen.
Use the touchscreen to browse these pages.

When in your office
When the model is connected to the ILL intranet you can browse its contents on your computer

*** Click here for the online ILL Scale model ***
Your browser must support both .mp4 and Flash

What you need to know to navigate:

To get access to the instrument list from the header page. 1) Back to the header page.
2) the French version is not yet available.



The model in short

The scale model was built in 1997 by T. Heidemann and D. Laboisse. It was then computarized by A. Filhol in 1998 and then evolved through successive updates.
Version 10 (2010): this was a major upgrade of both the hardware (Theo Schmitz) and software (
The software was based on the CMS SPIP and offered about 500 pages with:

  • > 900 images and icons (jpeg or png files)
  • > 50 movies (mp4 files),
  • 85 Flash animations,
  • > 20 animated GIFs

This material was either original or came from other pages of the ILL web site.

Version 11 (2012): this is a port of the software from the CMS SPIP to the CMS Typo3 (Coralie Bagès and Philippe Mourre).
The contents was updated and integrated to the web site of the ILL (see instrument pages). It is also slowly migrating from Flash to HTML5 to make the pages more compatible with smartphones and Tablets. In fact some key developments at the Typo3 level are still missing (Feb 2015).


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  • "Maquette de l'ILL : Dossier technique de la borne informatique. Version 6", Filhol A. et al. (2000) ILL00FI09T.
  • "Maquette de l'ILL : Mode d'emploi de la borne informatique. Version 4", Filhol A. et al. (1999) ILL99FI17T.

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