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Since the construction of the first Orange Cryostat in the 70s, we regularly design and build new cryogenic devices that cool your samples down to 15mK.

For out of hours support during operating cycles, Local Contacts, please dial 66850.

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Low Temperatures

Orange and cryogen-free cryostats

The standard ILL "Orange" Cryostat was developed by D. Brochier and S. Pujol at ILL in 1975 to meet the needs of experimentalists (in 6 months). At that time, the +30 cryostats acquired from British, German and US companies were slow, requiring large quantities of cryogens and unable to control the sample temperature with precision. The main requirements were for a robust and simple to use yet high performance cryostat suitable for neutron scattering.

The main features of the "Orange" cryostat include large-sample top-loading capability, isolated sample area with static exchange gas, low helium consumption and fast sample cycling times. Several variants of this standard cryostat are available to accommodate different sample dimensions and uses. The standard sample access dimensions are of Ø50, 70 and 100 mm. All orange cryostats can be supplied with helium and nitrogen level monitors with auto-fill capability and a helium pumping system if required. The Ø50 and 70 mm cryostats may be equipped with dilution insert systems lowering the base temperature to 40 mK.

In response to scientists needs, the cryogenics team develop bottom- and top-loading closed-cycle cryostats. The main advantages compared to a "wet" cryostat are that they do not require cryogens (liquid helium and/or liquid nitrogen) and low temperatures can be achieved with the push of a button. This ILL dry "Orange" cryostats use cold-heads which employ mostly the Gifford-McMahon refrigeration cycle. The Ø70 top-loading cryostats can host a Ø49 heating insert and the temperature ranges from 3.6 to 650K (IN1-Lagrange, IN13-CRG). A few very compact bottom-loading cryostats are also available. They were developed to reach 1.8 K in the cradles of diffractometers (D9, D10 and D19).

Some of the cryostats and sample sticks are available from a pool on request. Sufficient advance notice to sane(at) is required for their reservation and preparation. Other cryostats are assigned to specific instruments. The scientific and technical staff of the instruments are in charge of their upkeep. However major repairs and modifications are carried out in the workshop of the Services for Advanced Neutron Environment team.

All requests for liquid helium should be be made at least 48 hours in advance. Please arrange with your local contact to order your helium. If you are not familiar with transferring liquid helium between dewar and cryostat, please do not hesitate to call for assistance from your local contact or directly from the Services for Advanced Neutron Environment team.

Cryostats available from the pool

Code Temperature
Range (K)
Material in
the beam
Sample Dimensions
 Ø x height (mm)
Type, Comment
52ILHV49 1.5 - 320 A5 - AG3 Ø49 x 106 Top loading
63ILHV70 1.5 - 320 A5 - AG3 Ø70 Top loading
81ILHV16 1.5 - 320 A5 - AG3 Ø16 x 160 Top loading
82ILHV100 1.5 - 320 A5 - AG3 Ø100 x 265 Quad-exchanger, top loading for HP meas.
91ILHV49 1.5 - 320 A5 - AG3 Ø49 Top loading
being upgraded
1.5 - 320 A5 - AG3 Ø69 Quad-exchanger, top loading, long tail
103ILHV49 4.2 - 300 A5 - AG3 Ø49 Top loading for T.U. experiments
107ILHV49 1.5 - 320 Al2O3 Ø45 Sapphire windows
110ILHV49 1.5 - 320 A5 - AG3 Ø49 x 129 Top loading
111ILHV49 1.5 - 320 A5 - AG3 Ø49 x 150 Dual-exchanger, top loading
114EDCC49 15 - 320 A5 - AG3 Ø49 Top loading
116ILHV49 1.5 - 320 A5 - AG3 Ø49 Top loading
126ILHV49 1.5 - 320 A5 - AG3 Ø49 Top loading, for Cryopad-II & Cryopad-III
132ILHV49 1.5 - 320 A5 - AG3 Ø49 x 152 Dual-exchanger, top loading, new cold-valve
151ILJT22 1.8 - 300 V - A5 - AG3 Ø22 Bottom loading, for Eulerian cradles
160ILCC49 3 - 320 A5 - AG3 Ø49 Top loading
164ILCC180 2.6 - 320 A5 - AG3 Ø180 (PE cell) Bottom loading, for Paris-Edinburgh pressure cell
173ILCC250 2.6 - 320 A5 - AG3 Ø250 Prototype
234ILCC10 2.7 - 320 A5 - AG3 Ø10 Non-magnetic bottom-loading cryostat incorporating a cradle, -40 to +120° Bragg access, for Cryopad-III
247ILCC180 2.6 - 320 A5 - AG3 Ø180 (PE cell) Bottom loading, for Paris-Edinburgh pressure cell

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Cryostats assigned to specific instruments

Instrument Code Temperature
Range (K)
Sample Dimensions
 diameter x length (mm)
Type, Comment
BRISP - CRG 175ILHV99 1.5 - 320 Ø99 Top loading, sapphire windows
D1B - CRG 69ILHV25 1.5 - 320 Ø25 Dual-exchanger, top loading, Vanadium tail
D2B 109ILHV49 1.5 - 320 Ø49 Top loading
147ILCC49 3.5 - 320 w/o heating insert Ø49 Top loading, Pulse Tube
D3 101ILHV16 1.5 - 320 Ø19 Top loading, thin tail
D7 102ILHV49 1.5 - 320 Ø49 Dual-exchanger, top loading
159ILCC49 3 - 320 Ø49 Top loading, Pulse Tube
D9 130ILHV24 1.8 - 300 Ø24 4-circle He flow
170ILJT20 1.8 - 300 Ø20 Bottom loading, Joule Thomson
207ILCC20 10 - 300 Ø20 Bottom loading
D10 79ILHV49 1.5 - 320 Ø49 Top loading
121ILDIL20 0.15 - 300 Ø20 4-circle He flow dilution
168ILJT20 1.8 - 300 Ø20 Bottom loading, Joule Thomson
D11/D17/D22/D33 55ILHV49 1.5 - 320 Ø45 Top loading, sapphire windows
D17 265ARCC24 10 - 650 Ø24 Top loading, sapphire windows
D19 104ILCC15 20 - 320 Ø15 Displex 201 4-circle
167ILJT20 1.8 - 300 Ø20 Bottom loading, Joule Thomson
D20 54ILHV49 1.5 - 320 Ø49 Top loading, Vanadium tail
D23 - CRG Displex 10 - 300 Displex 4-circle
73ILHV49 1.5 - 320 Ø49 Top loading
169ILJT20 1.8 - 300 Ø20 Bottom loading
183ILHV49 1.5 - 320 Ø49 Top loading, large tail
IN1-Lagrange 65ILHV49 1.5 - 320 Ø49 Top loading, large tail
171ILCC70 10 - 320 Ø70 Top loading
213ILCC70 3 - 320 Ø70 Top loading for Lagrange
IN4 135ILHV70 1.5 - 320 Ø70 Quad-exchanger, top loading, large tail
IN5 61ILHV70 1.5 - 320 Ø70 Top loading
IN5, IN699ILHV701.5 - 320Ø70Quad-exchanger, top-loading
IN670ILHV701.5 - 320Ø70Top loading
(being repaired)
IN8 92ILHV49 1.5 - 320 Ø49 Top loading, large tail
IN11 80ILHV49 1.5 - 320 Ø49 Top loading
IN12 - CRG 72ILHV49 1.5 - 320 Ø49 Top loading
IN13 - CRG 115EDCC49 15 - 320 w/o heating sitck Ø49 Top loading

172ILCC70 2.6 - 320 Ø70 Top loading (dry)
IN15 136ILHV49 1.5 - 320 Ø49 Top loading
IN16B 64ILHV70 1.5 - 320 Ø70 Quad-exchanger, top loading, long tail
238ILVB70 Vacuum box
IN20 66ILHV49 1.5 - 320 Ø49 Top loading, large tail
105ILHV41 1.5 - 320 Ø41 Top loading, for PASTIS
224ILHV49 1.5 - 320 Ø49 Top loading, for VacBox
SPIN-ECHO     TASSE option
IN22-CRG 226ILHV49 1.5 - 320 Ø49 Long tail, compatible with Cryopad
227ILHV49 1.5 - 320 Ø49 Long tail, compatible with Cryopad
LADI 140ILHV25 2 - 320 Ø25 He flow
ThALES 113ILHV49 1.5 - 320 Ø49 Top loading, large tail
209ASNBE 77K Be filter
VIVALDI 149ILHV49 1.5 - 320 Ø49 Top loading

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