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Furnaces (pool)

After the very successful 2000K ILL-type furnaces, we now prepare the future using levitation techniques with the aim to reach 3000K.

For support during operating cycles, Local Contacts, please call our technicians in charge of high-temperature equipment.

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High Temperatures

Furnaces available from the pool

These top loading furnaces are characterized by their flexibility and transparency to neutrons. The outer furnace body is made of aluminium for use under high vacuum or inert gas atmosphere. All internal components in the neutron beam are made of thin vanadium or niobium foils. Heating is achieved by resistance heaters using low voltage and high current. A thermally decoupled heater and up to eight thermal shields guarantee small temperature gradients. Long term temperature stability is typically 0.1 % of the actual temperature and gradients are in the order of 0.1 to 0.5% of the actual temperature. The length of the heater element and an adjustable sample support allow for large samples and variable heights. Thermocouples close to the sample allow independent temperature reading and control in two distinct temperature ranges from room temperature to 1000°C and from room temperature to 1650°C. Power is supplied by saturable self inductances. The temperature controller which has a standard computer interface is adapted for different types of thermocouples and has PID algorithm. All standard furnace spare parts are held in stock at the ILL.

These furnaces are available on request. In some specific cases, it is possible to go above the maximum temperature given below. Please contact the technicians working at the High Temperature Laboratory when you wish to reach higher temperatures. Sufficient advance notice to sane(at) is required for their reservation and preparation.

CodeMax. Temperature
in the beam
Sample Dimensions
 Ø x height (mm)
Sample Fixation
01TL13AN601000Al - NbØ45 x 50stick with 
M8 threaded stud
contact lab. for > 1000
Al - NbØ35 x 50stick with
M8 threaded stud
contact lab. for > 1600
Al - NbØ35 x 50stick with
M8 threaded stud
contact lab. for > 1600
Al - NbØ35 x 50stick with
M8 threaded stud
07TL13AV501000Al - VØ35 x 50stick with
M8 threaded stud
09TL19AN501600Al - NbØ35 x 50stick with
M8 threaded stud
13MF19A101650 at atm. pressureAl or noneØ10 x 10Ceramic adhesive
14SA13SI501000Al or Si
with ±25° access
Ø35 x 50stick with
M8 threaded stud
25BD11AV10800AG3 - VØ6 x 6glued to cartridge



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