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Magnetic Forces Monitor

For more than 30 years, we develop electronics that optimize and simplify the use of our equipment. We present the most advanced instruments to monitor liquid cryogens and control cold-valves, furnaces, pressure cells...

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High Magnetic Fields

Magnetic Forces Measurement Unit

For safety reasons, the magnetic forces appearing on an instrument when using a cryomagnet are measured before using a new system or after a modification of the instrument. These measurements are mandatory. The conditions in which a cryomagnet can be used are determined from these measurements and reported in the Safety section.

The vertical force is simply obtained from a dynanometer installed on the crane. The horizontal force is measured with 3 piezo sensors oriented at 120° and attached to both the cryomagnet and the sample table. The magnitude and direction of this horizontal force are calculated and displayed on a Eurotherm controller.

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