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We provide Out of Hours Support in cryogenics during operating cycles.

Local contacts, please, call the Out of Hours Team phone 66850 from ILL.

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Out of Hours Support in Cryogenics

In trouble with an Orange cryostat ?

Have a look at our Trouble Shooting Guide...

What if you need to contact our Services during the evening, at night or the weekend ?

We know that not all unexpected major problems happen during normal office hours or can wait until the next day. The Services for Advanced Neutron Environment provides an Out of Hours team that is awaiting your call to help with emergencies in cryogenics.

To contact the Out of Hours Team phone 66850 from the ILL.

Who will answer the phone ?

A technician from the Low-Temperature Lab. will answer the phone and take details of the problem and your contact details.

What happens next ?

The technician will try to give you advice and guidance over the phone on how to deal with the problem. If necessary, he will come to your instrument for solving the problem. Sometimes, he may even replace some equipment.

Who is part of the Out of Hours Team ?

The team is made up of experienced and qualified technicians with expertise in cryogenics.

What sort of problems can the Out of Hours Team deal with ?

Here are a few examples of the sort of problems we can deal with:

  • cold-valve blockage
  • temperature controller failure
  • liquid helium/nitrogen level monitor out of order
  • temperature instability

Normal hours are: 08:00 - 16:30 on Mondays to Fridays.

For more information please contact us by sending an email to sane(at)