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Three Axis instrument for Low Energy Spectrometry

ThALES – Three Axis Low Energy Spectroscopy – is a cold single crystal neutron spectrometer optimized for the measurement of magnetic excitations in correlated electron systems.

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ThALES - Three Axis Low Energy Spectrometer

The ThALES project is a collaboration between ILL and Charles University, Prague. Its construction was funded by the Czech Ministry of Science and Education.

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ThALES is optimized for the measurement of excitations in single crystals in the range of about 0.2 to 10 meV. With its high neutron flux, which is worldwide leading, and its very low background, it can be used to measure particularly weak signals. It allows for extreme sample environment (low temperature, high magnetic fields and pressure) and can be used with neutron polarization analysis.
Its main applications include magnetic excitations in unconventional superconductors, low-dimensional and frustrated magnets and various quantum phenomena, magneto-elastic or multiferroic materials, and heavy-fermion systems, among others. It can also be used for high-precision diffraction studies

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