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CRG - cold neutron three-axis spectrometer IN12

The cold neutron 3-axis spectrometer IN12 is a three-axis spectrometer with polarization analysis. IN12's gain over the "thermal" instruments is primarily in the long wavelength range. For polarization analysis, a supermirror bender can be mounted between the monochromator and the sample, and used in conjunction with a Heusler analyzer crystal.

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IN12 - Cold neutron 3-axis spectrometer

The CRG instrument IN12 - a cold neutron 3-axis spectrometer - is a multi-purpose instrument for all kind of quasi-elastic signals or low-energy excitations. It offers versatile sample environment (Cryopad, magnets up to 15T, dilution fridges, vacuum tank, pressure cells) polarisation analysis, very low background, low higher order contamination.


  • Low energy magnetic excitation spectrum.
  • Lattice dynamics at low frequency.
  • Critical scattering and phase transition phenomena.
  • Weak static magnetic moments (10-2 μB).
  • Magnetic multilayers.
  • Dynamics of the glass transition at low momentum transfer.
  • Dynamics of amorphous materials at low momentum transfer.
  • Dynamics of biological model membranes.

The layout of IN12

IN12 is installed on H144 and the velocity selector is 33 meters before the monochromator.