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Spin-Echo Spectrometer IN11

The instrument IN11 is primarily used to study slow relaxation phenomena in polymers, glasses or magnetic materials. Other applications are elastic paramagnetic scattering and the determination of phonon linewidths.

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IN11 - High resolution spin echo spectrometer

The instrument IN11 is primarily used to study slow relaxation and diffusion phenomena in polymers, glasses and magnetic materials.


IN11 is primarily used for the study of slow relaxation phenomena:

  • Reptation in polymer melts
  • Alpha relaxation in glass-forming polymers
  • Dynamics in micellar solutions
  • Diffusion of molecules in confined media or in the bulk
  • Magnetic excitations
  • Spin ice and spin glass dynamics



Instrument layout

This drawing shows the available instrument setups:

  • IN11A is used for maximum resolution (up to 80 ns spin-echo time).
  • IN11C is used for high signal at moderate resolution (up to 15 ns). The detector solid angle is 20 times higher than for IN11A.
  • IN11 triple axis option provides a HOPG monochromator crystal in front of the detector.