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Instrument layout

D23 - Thermal neutron lifting-counter two-axis diffractometer

The thermal neutron diffractometer D23 is devoted to single crystal measurements, either with unpolarised or polarised neutrons, in the incident wave length range 1–3 Å. It can support large sample environments (pressure cells, up to 30 kbar, high field cryomagnets, up to 15T, dilution fridges, ...) and is characterised by a high flux and a very good signal to noise ratio.
D23 is devoted to the determination of magnetic structures, magnetisation density maps and magnetic phase diagrams, in high field and/or high pressure,and at low temperature.


Determination of magnetic structures (in high field and/or high pressure, and at low temperature

  • Study of magnetic phase diagrams (field-temperature pressure-temperature, or both) ; Determination of magnetisation density maps (with the polarised neutron option)

Mainly in condensed matter physics

  • Strongly correlated electron systems (heavy fermion systems, borocarbides compounds, low dimensional magnetic systems, charge/orbital ordering systems) ; Molecular magnetism

Instrument layout