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D17 - Neutron reflectometer with horizontal scattering geometry

It is the first ILL dedicated reflectometer and it has been designed to be as flexible as possible in resolution and modes of operation. It is suitable for the analysis of surface structures in solids and solid/liquid interfaces. Horizontal surface experiments, such as free liquids, will suffer from a severe restriction in Q-range and flux and are thus not recommended for this instrument.

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COSMOS is a program that will take raw TOF data for multiple angles, it will calibrate to the incident wavelength distribution and the detector efficiency, and will output reflectivity vs. Q. An article about the mathematical body of the program can be found here.

Start the program by typing COSMOS in the LAMP manipulations window.

Note that, due to width specifications, a column is usually hidden to the right of the window.  Use the slider bar at the bottom of the COSMOS window to find it.

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