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Instrument layout

CYCLOPS (CYlindrical Ccd Laue Octagonal Photo Scintillator) is a fast neutron Laue-diffractometer combining the principal advantages of both VIVALDI and OrientExpress. It is a unique instrument for real-time exploration of reciprocal space and rapid data collection through phase transitions.

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CYCLOPS - Neutron Laue single-crystal diffractometer

CYCLOPS (CYlindrical Ccd Laue Octagonal Photo Scintillator) is a Laue single crystal diffractometer, with an ultra-large set of area detectors. Because of the high flux on the sample from a continuous white neutron source, it will allow real-time exploration of reciprocal space and rapid structure refinement


  • Rapid structural studies
  • Reciprocal-space surveys; identification of twinning and incommensurability
  • Very small samples, particularly attractive for high-pressure experiments
  • Complete nuclear and magnetic structure determinations through phase transitions

Instrument layout

CYCLOPS, uses a double octagonal array of neutron CCD detectors (Photonic Science) to cover a cylinder similar in size to VIVALDI, but with higher efficiency and real-time read-out. Compared to SXD at ISIS, CYCLOPS has a much higher neutron flux at the sample due to the continuous neutron source and focusing guide, but exhibits a higher background.