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The Time-of-flight and High-Resolution (TOF-HR) group of the ILL operates three distinct kinds of instruments that measure the atomic, molecular and crystal motions of samples in powder, glass or liquid form.

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LAMP Time-of-flight Supplement

Supplement to the LAMP BOOK for TOF spectrometers: IN4, IN5, and IN6

LAMP is a program which allows you to read data into workspaces, and then to plot and treat these workspaces in a wide variety of ways. Each workspace contains data with its parameters, descriptive text, and axes information. The main LAMP interface is equipped with buttons and windows which allow you to manipulate workspaces as shown below. The sequence is not strictly cyclic and the steps can be performed in any sequence after data read-in. Workspaces adapt to the dimensions of the data read into them. To run LAMP type lamp.

When the LAMP window appears, I suggest that you select the "LAMP/layout" menu and then "extend to classical lamp".  In the descriptions that follow, I will assume the the "classical LAMP" window is being used.

For further information see the LAMP manual.

Stéphane Rols,



last updated 11/06/2008