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The Time-of-flight and High-Resolution (TOF-HR) group of the ILL operates three distinct kinds of instruments that measure the atomic, molecular and crystal motions of samples in powder, glass or liquid form.

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PROFIT data fitting programme

by G.J. Kearley


Profit is a general-purpose fitting program with resolution deconvolution using Lorentzian or Gaussian lineshapes.

It works with inx or sqw input files through a graphical user interface (GUI) written in tcl/tk (by C. Lacaille-Desse (CS, ILL)).

Profit is available on:

  • All TOFHR SGI machines like Lotus (full path for SGI machines = /home/cs/model/TOFHR/exe/profit)
  • Via the web on BARNS.

Documentation: see the PROFIT manual

Sources & more: