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Graphical Reduction and Analysis SANS
Program for MatlabTM

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  • Current Version:  7.15
  • Version Date:  31-01-2017
  • Development Environment:  MatlabTM (R2014b)
  • Supported Platforms (runtime version):  PC Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Supported Instrument Data:  D11, D22, SINQ_SANS I and II (PSI); V4 (HMI), NIST NG7 & NG3, Julich_KWS2, ORNL  CG2 & CG3, ANSTO Quokka, JAEA_SANSU, FRM2_Mira, FRM2_SANS1

"GRASansP"  Runtime Version:

  • Stand-alone
  • No license required
  • FREE!!




Runtime based on Matlab R2014b

  • Macintosh V7.15 R2014b compile 64bit (8.1MB)

    [Note: Mount the DMG file.  In a command terminal navigate to /Volumes/grasp_mac_compiled/ and run the '' script by typing './' in the command terminal.  If problems, then please verify the path of the installed Matlab MCR runtime libraries in the script]

"GRASansP" m-Code Version:

  • Platform independent code
  • User configurable
  • MatlabTM Command Line interface and data access.
  • Build User Modules and routines to interact with the main GRASP interface
  • Add custom Fit Functions

MatlabTM R2014b m-code

"gzip" Compression:

(Required for compressed data support using m_code GRASansP)

"GRASansP" Manual, Version (Apr 2003)

Visit for MatlabTM information