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Juan Rodriguez-Carvajal

Neutron diffraction is a powerful and often unique tool for studying the structure of materials used in everyday life.

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Juan Rodriguez-Carvajal

The DIF Group's people

Juan Rodríguez-Carvajal


Phone:+33 (0)4 76 20 7205
FAX:+33 (0)4 76 20 7648
Secretary:+33 (0)4 76 20 7226

Areas of knowledge

  • Condensed Matter Physics and Crystallography
  • Powder and single crystal x-rays and neutron scattering
  • Symmetry analysis, crystallography and magnetism
  • Oxides presenting remarkable properties: superconductivity, giant magnetoresistance, charge, spin & orbital ordering
  • Computer programming and data analysis
  • Neutron diffraction instrumentation

Current scientific interests

  • Data analysis and software development in Crystallography and Diffraction Physics.
  • Theoretical analysis of magnetic Structures. Frustration and low dimensional magnetism.
  • Physics of Transition Metal-Rare Earth and Superconducting oxides and intermetallics.

    • Metal-Insulator Transitions and Magnetic Ordering in nickel and copper oxides.
    • Magnetic structures of Rare Earth Intermetallics.
    • Structural and magnetic aspects of oxides presenting colossal magnetoresistance and charge, spin and orbital ordering phenomena.

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Papers with more than 100 citations (11 April 2017)


The 15 most cited papers (11 April 2017) in the Web of Scienc

1: “Recent Advances in Magnetic Structure Determination by Neutron Powder Diffraction”

Juan Rodríguez-Carvajal

Physica B 192, 55-69 (1993)                                                                                                   Citations 6410 

2: “WinPLOTR: a Windows tool for powder diffraction patterns analysis”

T. Roisnel and J. Rodríguez-Carvajal.

Materials Science Forum 378-381, 118-123 (2001).                                                               Citations 653

3: "Neutron Diffraction Study of the Jahn-Teller Transition in Stoichiometric LaMnO3"

J.Rodríguez-Carvajal, M. Hennion, F.Moussa, A.H. Moudden, L. Pinsard and A. Revcolevschi                                                             

Physical Review B 57, Rapid Communications, R3189-R3192 (1998)                                          Citations 438 

4: "Neutron Diffraction Study on Structural and Magnetic Properties of La2NiO4"

J. Rodríguez-Carvajal, M.T. Fernández and J.L. Martínez.

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 3, 3215-3234 (1991)                                                   Citations 350

5: "Neutron Diffraction Study of RNiO3 (R=La, Pr, Nd, Sm). Electronically Induced Structural Changes Across the

Metal-Insulator Transition"

J.L. García-Muñoz, J. Rodríguez-Carvajal, P. Lacorre and J.B. Torrance.

Physical Review B 46(8), 4414-4425 (1992)                                                                           Citations 349

6: "Spin waves in the antiferromagnet perovskite LaMnO3: a neutron scattering study”

F.Moussa, M. Hennion, J.Rodríguez-Carvajal, L. Pinsard and A. Revcolevschi

Physical Review B 54 (21), 15149-15155 (1996)                                                                    Citations 261

7: “Electronic Crystallization in a Lithium Battery Material: Columnar Ordering of Electrons and Holes in the Spinel LiMn2O4.”

J.Rodríguez-Carvajal, G. Rousse, C. Masquelier and M. Hervieu.

Physical Review Letters 81, 4660-4663 (1998).                                                                     Citations 218  

8: “Zener Polaron Ordering in Half-Doped Manganites”

A Daoud-Aladine, J. Rodríguez-Carvajal, L. Pinsard-Gaudart, M.T. Fernández-Díaz and A. Revcolevschi

Physical Review Letters 89(9), 097205 (2002).                                                                      Citations 208

9: “Liquidlike Spatial Distribution of Magnetic Droplets Revealed by Neutron Scattering in La1-xCaxMnO3.”

M. Hennion, F.Moussa, G. Biotteau, J.Rodríguez-Carvajal, L. Pinsard and A. Revcolevschi

Physical Review Letters 81, 1957-1960 (1998).                                                                     Citations 206 

10: “Magnetic structure of triphylite LiFePO4 and its delithiated form FePO4

G. Rousse, J. Rodríguez-Carvajal, S. Patoux, C. Masquelier.

Chemistry of Materials 15(21), 4082-4090 (2003).                                                                Citations 196

11: “Spin structure and magnetic frustration in multiferroic RMn2O5 (R=Tb,Ho,Dy)”

G.R. Blake, L.C. Chapon, P.G. Radaelli, S. Park, N. Hur, S-W. Cheong and J. Rodríguez-Carvajal.

Physical Review B 71, 214402 1-9 (2005).                                                                             Citations 188       

12: "Magnetic Frustration and Lattice Dimensionality in SrCr8Ga4O19"

X. Obradors, A. Labarta, A. Isalgué, J. Tejada, J. Rodríguez and M. Pernet.

Solid State Communications 65(3), 189-192 (1988)                                                                 Citations 167

13: "Structural Characterization of R2BaCuO5 (R=Y, Lu, Yb, Tm, Er, Ho, Dy, Gd, Eu and Sm) Oxides by X-Ray and Neutron Diffraction"

A. Salinas-Sánchez, J.L. García-Muñoz, J. Rodríguez-Carvajal, R. Sáez-Puche and J.L. Martínez.

Journal of Solid State Chemistry 100, 201-211 (1992).                                                          Citations 156

14: “Prediction of crystal structure from crystal chemistry rules by simulated annealing”

J. Pannetier, J. Bassas-Alsina, J. Rodríguez-Carvajal, V. Caignaert.

Nature 346(6282), 343-345 (1990).                                                                                        Citations 137

15: “Approach to the metal-insulator transition in La1-xCaxMnO3 (0 £ x £ 0.2): Magnetic inhomogeneity and spin-wave anomaly”

G. Biotteau, M. Hennion, F. Moussa, J. Rodríguez-Carvajal, L. Pinsard, A. Revcolevschi, Y.M. Mukovski, and D. Shulyatev.

Physical Review B 64, 104421 1-14 (2001)                                                                              Citations 127




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Selected representative publications from 1998


1.     “Neutron Diffraction Study of the Magnetic and Orbital Ordering in 154SmNiO3 and 153EuNiO3”. Physical Review B 57, 456 (1998).

2.     “Neutron Diffraction Study of the Jahn-Teller Transition in Stoichiometric LaMnO3”. Physical Review B 57, Rapid Communications, R3189 (1998)

3.     “Liquid-like Spatial Distribution of Magnetic Droplets Revealed by Neutron Scattering in La1‑xCaxMnO3”. Physical Review Letters 81, 1957 (1998).

4.     “Electronic Crystallization in a Lithium Battery Material: Columnar Ordering of Electrons and Holes in the Spinel LiMn2O4”. Physical Review Letters 81, 4660 (1998).

5.     “Magnetic Ordering of ErFe4Ge2 Studied By Neutron Diffraction and Magnetic Measurements”. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 191, 261 (1999).

6.     “Cubic « Orthorhombic Transition in the Stoichiometric Spinel LiMn2O4”. Solid State and Electrochemical Letters 2, 6 (1999).

7.     “Magnetic Coupling Induced by Hole Doping in Perovskites La1-xCaxMnO3: A Neutron Scattering Study”. Physical Review B 60, 12299 (1999).

8.      “Infrared spectroscopy investigation of the charge ordering transition in LiMn2O4”. Solid State Communications 111, 453 (1999)

9.     “X-Ray study of the spinel LiMn2O4 at low temperatures”. Chemistry of Materials 11, 3629 (1999).

10.   “A powder neutron diffraction investigation of the two rhombohedral NASICON analogs: gNa3Fe2(PO4)3 and Li3Fe2(PO4)3”. Chemistry of Materials 12, 525 (2000)

11.   The Double Phase Transition on ErFe4Ge2. An XRPD Study”. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 210, 121 (2000).

12.    “Evidence of Anisotropic Magnetic Polarons in La0.94Sr0.06MnO3 by neutron scattering and comparison with Ca-doped Manganites”. Physical Review B 61, 9513 (2000).

13.   “Structure and Thermal Expansion of the Low Temperature Phase of SF6”. Low Temperature Physics 26, 296 (2000).

14.   “Dependence of the Physical Properties of Nd0.5Ca0.5MnO3+d on the Oxidation State of Mn”. Physical Review B 62, 3002 (2000).

15.   “Simultaneous structural and magnetic transitions in YFe4Ge2 studied by neutron diffraction and magnetic measurements”. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 236, 14 (2001).

16.   “Crystal and magnetic structure of orthorhombic HoMnO3”. Physical Review B 63, 094411 (2001).

17.   “Stability of the Janh-Teller effect and magnetic study of LaMnO3 under pressure”. Physical Review B 64, 064426 (2001).

18.   “Approach to the metal-insulator transition in La1-xCaxMnO3 (0 £ x £ 0.2): Magnetic inhomogeneity and spin-wave anomaly”. Physical Review B 64, 104421 (2001).

19.   “Crystal and magnetic structures of the oxyphosphates MFePO5 (M = Fe, Co, Ni, Cu). Analysis of the magnetic ground state in terms of superexchange interactions”. The European Physical Journal B 22, 429 (2001).

20.   “Neutron diffraction study of the magnetic ordering in the series R2BaNiO5 (R=Rare Earth) ”. The European Physical Journal B 24, 59 (2001).

21.   “Magnetic Structural Studies of the Two Polymorphs of Li3Fe2(PO4)3: Analysis of the Magnetic Ground State from Super-Super Exchange Interactions”. Chemistry of Materials 13, 4527 (2001).

22.   “Magnetic structure determination from powder diffraction. Symmetry analysis and simulated annealing”. Materials Science Forum 378-381, 268 (2001).

23.   “A neutron diffraction study of the antiferromagnetic diphosphate LiFeP2O7”. Solid State Sciences 4, 973 (2002).

24.   “A new interpretation of the CO state in half-doped manganites: new results from neutron diffraction and synchrotron radiation experiments”. Physica B 320, 1 (2002).

25.   “Zener Polaron Ordering in Half-Doped Manganites”. Physical Review Letters 89, 097205 (2002).

26.   “Re-entrant magneto-elastic transition in HoFe4Ge2: an XRPD study”. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 250, 225 (2002)

27.    “Magnetic Structures of the Triphylite LiFePO4 and of its Delithiated Form FePO4”. Chemistry of Materials 15(21), 4082 (2003).

28.   “FullProf as a new tool for flipping ratio analysis”. Physica B: Condensed Matter 335, 219 (2003).

29.   “Magnetic Properties of Paramelaconite (Cu4O3). A pyrochlore lattice with S=1/2”. Physical Review B 69, 104408 (2004).

30.   “Direct Determination of the Magnetic Ground State in the Square Lattice S=1/2 Antiferromagnet Li2VOSiO4”. Physical Review Letters 93, 027202 (2004).

31.   “Direct localization of atoms in mixed-occupancy powders by resonant contrast diffraction” Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 44, 1725 (2005)

32.   “Ordered spin ice state and magnetic fluctuations in Tb2Sn2O7”. Physical Review Letters 94, 246402  (2005).

33.    “Paramagnetic fluctuations in Pr0.65Ca0.35MnO3 around the charge-ordering  temperature”. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 18(5), 1509 (2006).

34.   “Synchrotron and neutron diffraction study of 4-methylpyridine-N-oxide at  low temperature”. Acta Crystallographica  B 62, 627 (2006).

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39.   “Orientational ordering in the low-temperature stable phases of deuterated thiophene”, Acta Crystallographica B64 , 589-595 (2008)

40.    “Low-temperature magnetic structures in the DySi FeB-type compound”, Journal of Magnetisms and Magnetic Materials  321(18), 2842-2851 (2009).

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More information

Before 1989, I was signing my papers as "J. Rodriguez", I changed to my complete name "J. Rodriguez-Carvajal" when I realized that there were two more "Rodriguez" at my arrival to the ILL in 1988. In order to get the major part of my representative publications and reports from the ISI Web of Science the string for "Author" to be used for "General Search" or "Cited Ref Search" should be given strictly as:

AU=(Rodriguez-Carvajal J or RodriguezCarvajal J or Carvajal JR or (Rodriguez J and (Obradors or Pannetier or Paulus or GonzalezCalbet or Fontcuberta J or Vallet or Gali)))

You should eliminate biological and medical sciences. The time span should start at 1980 otherwise some spurious references may appear.

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