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Neutron diffraction is a powerful and often unique tool for studying the structure of materials used in everyday life.

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Useful links


Neutron Scattering Web Links and resources for neutron scatterers, at Argonne National Laboratory (USA).
INESS ILL NEutrons Source State gives the reactor power in real time.
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Simple useful calculations


3D Xtals ILL's most popular WWW page: 3D VRML drawings of crystal structures.
Rietveld Mail Rietveld mailing list discussion archives set up by ILL.
IUCr IUCr Crystallography on-line with many more crystallography links.
Diffraction courseGeneral introduction by Bernard Hennion (in French).
SearchMatch Crystallographica Search Match: The state-of-the-art for powder pattern identification


Phones ILL Phone directory.
Guest House Guest House Phone directory.
Word Reference Online English, French, Italian and Spanish Dictionary.
English Grammar Lists of English Grammar: Irregular verbs, UK/US spelling, other spelling rules, etc.
FXTop Currency converter: Official rates published by the ECB and daily refreshed (from monday to friday).
CheckMyTrip Check your travel itinerary with your last name and the AMADEUS Reservation Number provided by your travel agent.
Telerabais Telecom Carrier: From France, you can call to foreign countries at extra cheap rates. It works from ILL phones and for all ILL member countries they apply local rates. The link is in French but there are also some instructions in English.