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The Computing for Science (CS) group supports ILL scientists, students and visitors in a number of activities including data analysis, instrument simulation and sample simulation.

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Emmanuel Farhi

IN20 with Spin Echo option (TASSE)

I am in charge of the IN20/TASSE option which adds a spin-echo to the thermal TAS machine.

(10-100 uev energy resolution with energy transfer up to 60 meV.

Maximal Fourrier time 3.2 ns (1 ns nominal)

mounting procedure

Projects : Experiments

  • Exp 4-02-345 (and 4-02-335) on IN12 "bcc He4 phonons"

Report [PDF]

Archives and

  • Exp  4-01-603 on IN12: April 2005 (IN12_052_He4) "bcc He4 phonons"

Report [PDF]

Archive logfiles datafiles

  • Exp 4-01-570 on IN14: Oct 2003 (IN14_03_He4) "bcc He4 phonons"


  • Exp IN20_NSE_005_He4 TASSE IN20 October 2000 "liq He"

Report [PDF]


  • Exp S42 (S42_043_He4) July 2004 "bcc/hcp He4 structure / CsCl"

Test experiment (Bossy/Marmeggi/Kentaro): hcp poly-crystal.
( containing TIFF files)

Bcc/hcp 4He growing on CsCl mono-crystal
( containing TIFF files)

Bcc 4He structure changes using round goniometer cell
( containing TIFF files)