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The Computing for Science (CS) group supports ILL scientists, students and visitors in a number of activities including data analysis, instrument simulation and sample simulation.

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Emmanuel Farhi



Most paper copies available on Research Gate.






Emmanuel Farhi: some papers

Some papers are here provided as preprints, and remain the property of the publication journals. A selection of my 'best' papers is indicated in red.

Have a look at my Research Gate page to see an up to date list of papers.




  • The vTAS suite: A simulator for classical and multiplexed three-axis neutron spectrometers, M. Boehm, A. Filhol, Y. Raoul, J. Kulda, W. Schmidt, K. Schmalzl, E. Farhi Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A697 (2013) 40
  • An extremely radioresistant green eukaryote for radionuclide bio-decontamination in the nuclear industry Corinne Rivasseau, Emmanuel Farhi, Ariane Atteia, Alain Couté, Marina Gromova, Diane de Gouvion Saint Cyr, Anne-Marie Boisson, Anne-Sophie Féret and Richard Bligny , Energy Environ. Sci., 2013,6, 1230-1239 . DOI: 10.1039/C2EE23129H [pdf]
  • NOUVELLE ALGUE RADIORESISTANTE DU GENRE COCCOMYXA, Patent FR 13 53784 (25 April 2013). WO 2014174483 A2.
  • McStas: Past, present and future P Willendrup, E Farhi, E Knudsen, U Filges, K Lefman Journal of Neutron Research 17 (2014) 35 [ pdf ].
  • iFit: A new data analysis framework. Applications for data reduction and optimization of neutron scattering instrument simulations with McStas, E. Farhi, Y. Debab, P. Willendrup , Journal of Neutron Research 17 (2014) 5 [ pdf ].
  • Advanced sources and optical components for the McStas neutron scattering instrument simulation package E Farhi, C Monzat, R Arnerin, T Van Vuure, C Castán-Guerrero, C Hennane, P A Harraud, G Campioni, S Fuard, J Ollivier, P Willendrup Journal of Neutron Research 17 (2014) 63 [ pdf ].
  • McXtrace: a Monte Carlo software package for simulating X-ray optics, beamlines and experiments, E. Bergbäck Knudsen, A. Prodi, J. Baltser, M. Thomsen, P. Kjær Willendrup, M. Sanchez del Rio, C. Ferrero, E. Farhi, K. Haldrup, A. Vickery, R. Feidenhans'l, K. Mortensen, M. Meedom Nielsen, H. Friis Poulsen, S. Schmidt and K. Lefmann, J. Appl. Cryst. (2013). 46, 679-696 [ pdf ].
  • Dynamics of liquid Au from neutron Brillouin scattering and ab initio simulations: Analogies in the behavior of metallic and insulating liquids, E. Guarini, U. Bafile, F. Barocchi, A. De Francesco, E. Farhi, F. Formisano, A. Laloni, A. Orecchini, A. Polidori, M. Puglini, and F. Sacchetti , Phys. Rev. B 88 (2013) 104201 [].
  • Determination of elemental distribution in green micro-algae using synchrotron radiation nano X-ray fluorescence (SR-nXRF) and electron microscopy techniques – subcellular localization and quantitative imaging of silver and cobalt uptake by Coccomyxa actinabiotis, Thomas Leonardo, Emmanuel Farhi, Anne-Marie Boisson, Jérome Vial, Peter Cloetens, Sylvain Bohic, Corinne Rivasseau, Metallomics. 01/2014; DOI:10.1039/C3MT00281K [ pdf ]
  • Habilitation a Diriger des Recherches "Virtual experiments as a data analysis tool for neutron scattering measurements" Feb 10th 2014 [ pdf]
  • Feasibility study of microfiltration for algae separation in an innovative nuclear effluents decontamination process, D De Gouvion, Saint Cyr, C Wisniewski, L Schrive, E Farhi, C Rivasseau, Separation and Purification Technology. 02/2014; 125:126-135 [ pdf ].
  • Light and heavy water dynamic structure factor for neutron transport codes, Emmanuel Farhi, Ghislain Ferran, Wim Haeck, Eric Pellegrini and Yoann Calzavara, J. Nucl. Sci. Tech. 52 (2015) 844 ; DOI:10.1080/00223131.2014.984002
  • Experimental study of ultracold neutron production in pressurized superfluid helium, P. Schmidt-Wellenburg, J. Bossy, E. Farhi M. Fertl, K. K. H. Leung, A. Rahli, T. Soldner, O. Zimmer, Phys. Rev. C 92 (2015) 024004. DOI:
  • Velocity autocorrelation in liquid parahydrogen by quantum simulations for direct parameter-free
    computations of neutron cross sections
    , E. Guarini, M. Neumann, U. Bafile, M. Celli, D. Colognesi, E. Farhi, and Y. Calzavara, Phys. Rev. B 92 (2015) 104303. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.92.104303
  • Silver accumulation in the green microalga Coccomyxa actinabiotis: toxicity, in situ speciation and localization investigated using synchrotron XAS, XRD and TEM, T Leonardo, E Farhi, S Pouget, S Motellier, A-M Boisson, D Banerjee, F Rebeille , C Den Auwer, and C Rivasseau, Environ. Sci. Technol. 50 (2016) 359. DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.5b03306. See also the Chem. Eng. News highlight.
  • Rivasseau C., de Gouvion Saint Cyr D., Atteia A., Gromova M., Farhi E. (2015) Biological decontamination of radionuclides in industrial and environmental water using a new highly radioresistant microalga. Materials for Energy, Efficiency and Sustainability, Chap. 8 Water Technologies, pp. 246-249. TechConnect Briefs 2015, CRC Press, 305 p. ISBN: 978-1-4987-4728-8.
  • Coccomyxa actinabiotis sp. nov. (Trebouxiophyceae, Chlorophyta), a new green microalga living in the spent fuel cooling pool of a nuclear reactor. C. Rivasseau E. Farhi et al, J. Phycol. 52 (2016) 689. DOI: 10.1111/jpy.12442.Highlight J. Phycol. 52, 687–688 (2016) DOI: 10.1111/jpy.12458 
  • Velocity autocorrelation by quantum simulations for direct parameter-free computations of the neutron cross sections. II. Liquid deuteriumGuarini, E. and Neumann, M. and Bafile, U. and Celli, M. and Colognesi, D. and Bellissima, S. and Farhi, E. and Calzavara, Y., Phys. Rev. B. 93 (2016) 224302. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.93.224302
  • Neutron scattering instrumentation at low power reactors for science, engineering and education, E. Farhi, Journal of Neutron Research 18 (2015) 61-77 DOI 10.3233/JNR-160024 
  • Crystallization of para-hydrogen: A quantum phase transition at finite temperature? Cabrillo C., Fernandez-Alonso F., Fernández-Perea R., Bermejo F.J., González M.A., Mondelli C., Farhi E. - Journal of Physics: Conference Series 663, 012006-1-012006-4 (2015)
  • Density of states from mode expansion of the self-dynamic structure factor of a liquid metal E. Guarini, S. Bellissima, U. Bafile, E. Farhi, A. De Francesco, F. Formisano, and F. Barocchi Phys. Rev. E 95, (2017) 012141 DOI: 
  • Jaiswal V., Leal L., Haeck W., Farhi E., Calzavara Y., Rols S., Ollivier J., Noguere G., Scotta J.P., Vallet V., Real F. Measurement of double differential cross-section of light water at high temperature and pressure to generate S(alpha,beta) EPJ Web of Conferences 146, 13006-1-13006-4 (2017)


  • Zanatta M., Barocchi F., De Francesco A., Farhi E., Formisano F., Guarini E., Laloni A., Orecchini A., Paciaroni A., Petrillo C., Pilgrim W.C., Suck J.B., Sacchetti F. A high-flux upgrade for the BRISP spectrometer at ILL Review of Scientific Instruments 88, 053905-1-053905-7 (2017)



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  • “Structure and dynamics of l-Ge: Neutron scattering experiments and ab initio molecular dynamics simulations” Hugouvieux V, Farhi E, Johnson MR, et al., , PRB 75 (2007) 104208
  • Spectroscopic investigation of ionizing-radiation tolerance of a Chlorophyceae green micro-alga Farhi E, Rivasseau C, Gromova M, et al.,, J. Phys: Cond Matt 20 (2008) 104216
  • “Anharmonic effects in neutron scattering studies of lattice excitations in (BCCHe)-He-4” Pelleg O, Bossy J, Farhi E, et al.,, J. Low Temp Phys, 151 (2008) 1164

  • “Tailored Instrumentation to Long Pulse Neutron Spallation Sources” H. Schober, E. Farhi, F. Mezei, et al.  , Nucl. Instr. and Meth. in Phys. Research A 589 (2008) 34–46
  • Virtual Experiments on the Neutron Science TeraGrid Gateway V. E. Lynch, J. W. Cobb, E. Farhi, S. D. Miller, and M. Taylor, Proceedings of the TeraGrid 2008 Conference. June 9-13, 2008. Las Vegas, USA [pdf]
  • Virtual experiments: Combining realistic neutron scattering instrument and sample simulations E. Farhi, V. Hugouvieux, M.R. Johnson, W. Kob, Journal of Computational Physics 228 (2009) 5251–5261
  • Virtual experiments: the ultimate aim of neutron ray-tracing simulations K. Lefmann; P. K. Willendrup; L. Udby; B. Lebech; K. Mortensen; J. O. Birk; K. KlenØ; E. Knudsen; P. Christiansen; J. Saroun; J. Kulda; U. Filges; M. Konnecke; P. Tregenna-Piggott; J. Peters; K. Lieutenant; G. Zsigmond; P. Bentley; E. Farhi Journal of Neutron Research, 1477-2655, Volume 16, Issue 3, 2008, Pages 97 – 111

  • Resistance to irradiation of micro-algae growing in the storage pools of a nuclear reactor investigated by NMR and neutron spectroscopies, Corinne Rivasseau, Emmanuel Farhi, Marina Gromova, Jacques Ollivier, Richard Bligny (2010) Spectroscopy – Biomedical Applications, 24 : 381-385.
  • Une nouvelle micro-algue radiorésistante, C. Rivasseau, E. Farhi, A. Couté, A. Atteia (2010), patent FR 10/00578 - Feb 12th 2010; INPI FR 2956408 19 Aout 2011. Patent WO 2011/098979 (PCT) Aug 18th 2011.
  • Novel radioresistant alga of the Coccomyxa genus, patent US8673620 B2 (March. 2014) CA2789376A1, CN102869764A, EP2534241A2, US20130078707, WO2011098979A2, WO2011098979A3.
  • IN13 Backscattering Spectrometer at ILL: Looking for Motions in Biological Macromolecules and Organisms, Natali, F., Peters, J., Russo, D., Barbieri, S., Chiapponi, C., Cupane, A., Deriu, A., Di Bari, M. T., Farhi, E., Gerelli, Y., Mariani, P., Paciaroni, A., Rivasseau, C., Schirò, G. and Sonvico, F.(2008), Neutron News, 19:4, 14-18.
  • Using McStas for modelling complex optics, using simple building bricks, Peter K. Willendrup, Linda Udby, Erik Knudsen, Emmanuel Farhi, Kim Lefmann, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 634 (2011) S150–S155
  • Analysing neutron scattering data using McStas virtual experiments, L. Udby, P.K. Willendrup, E. Knudsen, Ch. Niedermayer, U. Filges, N.B. Christensen, E. Farhi, B.O. Wells, K. Lefmann, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 634 (2011) S138–S143
  • Virtual experiments in a nutshell: Simulating neutron scattering from materials within instruments with McStas E. Farhi and P. Willendrup, Collection SFN 12 (2011) 303-339 [pdf]
  • Diffusion inélastique des neutrons et simulations atomistiques M.R. Johnson, M. Zbiri, M.A. González, E. Pellegrini, P. Calligari, L. Capogna, E. Farhi, A. Filhol, R. Ghosh et D. Richard, Collection SFN 10 (2010) 427–447 [pdf]
  • E. Schmitt, Etude de l'accumulation de radio-nucléides par une nouvelle micro-algue, Rapport ILL11SC01T (2010).
  • D. de Gouvion Saint Cyr, Etude d’une micro-algue radio-résistante accumulant des polluants radioactifs. Potentialités pour la dépollution du carbone 14 et du tritium. Rapport ILL11DE02T (2011).
  • T. Leonardo, Étude de l'accumulation de radionucléides par une nouvelle micro-algue, Rapport ILL12LE01T (2012)
  • Solid para-hydrogen as the paradigmatic quantum crystal: Three observables probed by ultrahigh-resolution neutron spectroscopy F. Fernandez-Alonso, C. Cabrillo, R. Fernández-Perea, F J. Bermejo, M. A. González, C. Mondelli, and E. Farhi, Phys. Rev. B 86, (2012) 144524.


  • "Observation of a new excitation in bcc He-4 by inelastic neutron scattering"
    Markovich T, Polturak E, Bossy J, Farhi E
  • Physical Review Letters 88 (19): Art. No. 195301 May 13 2002
  • "Observation of a new excitation in (BCCHe)-He-4 by inelastic neutron scattering"
    Polturak, E, Markovich, T, Bossy, J, Farhi, E.
  • Physica B 329: 371-374 May 2003

  • "A novel Monte Carlo algorithm for simulating crystals with McStas"
    L. Alianelli, M. Sánchez del Río, R. Felici, K. H. Andersen and E. Farhi
    Physica B, 350 (2004) 725.
  • "Monte Carlo simulations as a part of the configuration for neutron instruments"
    P. Andersen, K. Lefmann, L. Theil Kuhn, P. K. Willendrup and E. Farhi
    Physica B, 350 (2004) 721.
  • "McStas 1.7 ­ a new version of the flexible Monte Carlo neutron scattering package"
    Peter Willendrup, Emmanuel Farhi and Kim Lefmann
    Physica B, 350 (2004) 735.
  • "Virtual neutron scattering experiments"
    Hugouvieux V, Farhi E, Johnson MR
    Physica B, 350 (2004) 151.
  • "Etude des microorganismes verts de la piscine de stockage de réacteur de l'ILL" - Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble, France -
    E. Compagnon, E. Farhi A. Coute and R. Rivasseau
    Ecole Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles de la ville de Paris, France2004). ILL Report ILL05CO03T.
  • "Global guide study for cold and thermal guides Ladi3@H112 guide simulation: Effect of a double curved guide" - Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble, France (DS/CS-EF/082004) - ILL Report ILL05FA02T
    E. Farhi
  • Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble, France (2004) - ILL Report ILL05MA04T
    V. Marzloff, E. Farhi and R. Rivasseau
  • "MCNSI: computer experiments for the neutron society" - Neutron News 2005.
    Kim Lefmann, Emmanuel Farhi and Virginie Hugouvieux
  • "The neutron guide system of ILL" - Hanaro2005 conference (no proceedings)
    K. Andersen, H. Ballhausen, D. Bazzoli, J. Beaucour, P. Böni , L. Didier, E. Farhi, R. Gähler, T. Hürlimann , C. Ruget, I. Sutton
  • "Observation of macroscopic structural fluctuations in bcc solid He-4"

    Pelleg O, Shay M, Lipson SG, Polturak E, Bossy J, Marmeggi JC, Horibe K, Farhi E, Stunault A, , PRB 73 (2006) 024301.  On-line copy (pdf).

  • “Opticlike excitations in bcc He-4: An inelastic neutron scattering study”Pelleg O, Bossy J, Farhi E, et al., , PRB 73 (2006) 180301.
  • “Validation of a realistic powder sample using data from DMC at PSI” Willendrup P, Filges U, Keller L, Farhi E, Lefmann K, , Physica B-Cond Matt 385 (2006) 1032. 


  • "A comparison of Monte-Carlo simulations using RESTRAX and McSTAS with experiment on IN14"
    A. R. Wildes, J. Saroun, E. Farhi, I. Anderson, P. Høghøj and A. Brochier.
  • Physica B, 276 (2000) 177. [ HTML preprint (3 pages, 1 figure)] ECNS99 Proceedings

  • "Roton lifetime measurement in superfluid 4He using the spin-echo option on the IN20 three-axis spectrometer"
    E. Farhi, B. Fak, C.Zeyen, and J. Kulda
  • Physica B, 297  (2001) 32. [ PS file preprint (6 pages, 4 figures)] PNCMI 2000 Proceedings

  • "Thermal variation of phonon frequency and line-width in Ge studied by TAS spin-echo"
    J. Kulda, E. Farhi and C.M.E. Zeyen
  • Physica B, 297  (2001) 37. [ MS Word98 preprint, PS ] PNCMI 2000 Proceedings

  • "A Model Instrument for Monte Carlo Code Comparisons"
  • Neutron News 13 (No. 4), 24-29 (2002). On-line copy (pdf).

  • "Designing new guides and instruments using McStas"
    E. Farhi, T. Hansen, A. Wildes, R. Ghosh and K. Lefmann, ICNS 2001 contribution. On-line copy (postscript).
  • APPL PHYS A-MATER 74: S1471-S1473 Part 2 Suppl. S DEC 2002

  • "A comparison of Monte-Carlo simulation programs with experiment: the effect of a focusing guide on resolution"
    A. R. Wildes, J. Saroun, E. Farhi, I. Anderson, P. Høghøj and A. Brochier, ICNS 2001 contribution. On-line copy (dvi).[ Fig1, Fig2 ]
  • APPL PHYS A-MATER 74: S1452-S1454 Part 2 Suppl. S DEC 2002

  • "New features in McStas 1.5"
    P-O. Aastrand, K. Lefmann, E. farhi, K. Nielsen, and P. Skarup, ICNS 2001 contribution. On-line copy (postscript).
  • APPL PHYS A-MATER 74: S1511-S1513 Part 2 Suppl. S DEC 2002


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  • "Optical mode crossings and the low temperature anomalies of SrTiO3"
    E. Courtens, B. Hehlen, E. Farhi, and A.K. Tagantsev
  • Z. fur Phys. 104, 641 (1997). [ PS file preprint]

  • "Quantum paraelectric anomalies in KTaO3 and KTaO3:Na compounds"
    My Thesis (in french) : E. Farhi,  (1998) [PDF]
  • Keywords : quantum paraelectrics, KTaO3, SrTiO3, Brillouin scattering, inelastic neutron scattering, second sound, multiphonon processes, phonon dampings, computer simulations.

    E. Farhi, A.K. Tagantsev, B. Hehlen, R. Currat, L.A. Boatner, and E.Courtens
  • Ferroelectrics, 239 (2000) 25. [ PS file preprint (8 pages, 4 figures)]EMF9 Proceedings

  • "The broad Brillouin doublets and central peak of KTaO_3"
    E. Farhi, A.K. Tagantsev, B. Hehlen, R. Currat, L.A. Boatner, and E.Courtens
  • Physica B, 276 (2000) 274. [ PS file preprint (3 pages, 1 figure)] ECNS99 Proceedings

  • "Low energy phonon spectrum and its parameterization in pure KTaO3 under 80 K"
    E. Farhi, A.K. Tagantsev, R. Currat, B. Hehlen, E. Courtens, and L.A. Boatner
  • Eur. Phys. Jour. B, 15, 615 (2000). [ PS file preprint (15 2-column pages, 11 figures, 2 tables)]
  • Determination of the Isoelectric Point of Planar Oxide Surfaces by a Particle Adhesion Method. X.Y. Lin, E. Farhi, H. Arribart, J. Adh. 51 (1995) 181.

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