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Data analysis

The Computing for Science (CS) group supports ILL scientists, students and visitors in a number of activities including data analysis, instrument simulation and sample simulation.

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The CS group can assist you in retrieving data from measurements (we recommend the IDA web service).
There is extensive documentation about the ILL text data format.  There is summary of the significance of parameters for the main classes of instrument.  Tools/routines are available to read data files; you may also use general tools like looktxt and LAMP

Data Access and Treatment

Typical data layouts are described in the following links:

Raw Data

Data Treatment

Export Data

These definitions will aid you develop your own software solutions. 

The CS group provides some in-house data treatment and analysis software, e.g.:

LAMP: Large Array Manipulation Program neutron data analysis

MatLab ILL: Some Matlab programs MFit/MView (for TAS and others)

PkFit/Filing: Software for treating and analysing TAS neutron data

as well as suites of programs for certain classes of instruments. You may also try out our Live DVD with many of these software.

Web Services

Our group has developed over the years a few web services to aid users in preparing and analyse their experiments.

IDA - remote access to the ILL database

BARNS - an application portal from which you can download data or run ILL programs over the web

ILL/Computing for Science software pre-installed on a LiveDVD

The Computing for Science and the NMI3-II Data Analysis WP6 provide a custom LiveDVD which gathers some neutron scattering community related software to be used for data analysis and simulation. It runs on all Intel/AMD based computers and contains for instance

LAMP, DAVE, Mantid, Frida, Isaw, nMoldyn, McStas, Vitess, SimRes, MFit/MView, vTAS, ResTrax, GRASP, SANSView, SASFit, GSAS, GenX, FullProf, PDFgui, F.O.X., OpenMX

and hundreds of other tools. All software is pre-installed.

[Read more and get it...]

Mantid Tutorial for ILL scientists (June 2014)

We are organising a Mantid tutorial for ILL scientists, presenting general aspects of Mantid, its interface with Python, and specific developments for some ILL instruments.

The official announcement is available here.

This Mantid tutorial resources are available here.