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The Computing for Science (CS) group supports ILL scientists, students and visitors in a number of activities including data analysis, instrument simulation and sample simulation.

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This library contains date and time routines which are often
system specific, general data access routines, and also some
general plotting routines using PGPLOT.


A short description is to be found here.
Get source code here.


For simplicity no source code is actually shared between
platforms.  Each directory is self contained and after
copying an updated source file the make lib command
will compile and build the library.  For clean results
delete the old library first.


$ rm librlib.a *.o
$ make librlib.a


Directory structure:

 |- toolsS         build directory for SGI-IRIX
 |- toolsL         build directory for linux g77
 |- toolsO         build directory for Mac osX ppc g77
 |- toolsOi_gfortran     build directory for Mac osX intel gfortran