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The Computing for Science (CS) group supports ILL scientists, students and visitors in a number of activities including data analysis, instrument simulation and sample simulation.

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A user-friendly program for crystal orientation by directly indexing a Laue pattern


The program OrientExpress makes it possible to orient a single crystal of known unit cell dimensions from a single Laue pattern. The indexing process [1] (see image above) is interactive thus making it possible to solve difficult cases on which automatic programs are likely to fail. This proved very successful especially for neutron Laue patterns with few and/or broad/deformed diffraction peaks.
Please note that OrientExpress is also the name of a Laue diffractometer at the ILL.





  • A commercial version of OrientExpress is available HERE.

Mac OS classic

  • The program is available HERE

Mac OS X

  • There is no native Mac OS X version but the Mac OS classic version can still be used on modern computers through a tool like SheepShaver.

    Why no Mac OS X version ? The program has a Symantec C++ graphic user interface, but this developing tool is now dead. A port to Mac OS X would imply developing a new GUI from scratch.




[1]- J. Laugier & A. Filhol, (1983) J.Appl.Cryst., 16, 281-283.

[2]- User's manual for version 1.3 for MacOS computers
   Alain Filhol, Jean Laugier, François Antier & Yannick Raoul, Jean Polge de Combret (1996) ILL internal report ILL96BE13T.


Last update: 3 Oct 2008, A. Filhol <filhol(at)>



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