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Old applications compiled for Mac OS 6 to 9 can still be used on todays Macintoshes through the use of an emulator. We offer here a an archive with ready to use applications from the ABF group.

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Old Mac OS 9 applications still alive!

Old applications compiled for Mac OS 6 to 9 can still be used on todays Macintoshes through the use of an emulator.

Classic is the emulator provided by Apple up to Tiger (Mac Os 10.4) but discontinued with Leopard. It was a convenient solution for compatible applications but the classic environment introduced some extra incompatibilities as compared to Mac OS 9.

SheepShaver is a third party emulator which supports Mac OS 6 to Mac OS 9.0 and can be used on any PPC or Macintel Macintosh under Mac OS X.

Running old Mac OS applications from the ABF group

ABF group: Anestis Antoniadis (UJF Grenoble), Jacques Berruyer (U. St Etienne), A. Filhol (ILL).

If you are interested in running old Mac OS applications developped by the ABF group download our preconfigured SheepShaver archive.

Download HERE :  SheepShaver-ABF.dmg (172 MB)

The installed applications

OrientExpress.PPC v1.4.1

Indexing of Laue diffraction patterns
ABFfitv4_68K_US v4b9.6 - ABFfitv4_68K_Fr v4b9.6

Maximum likelihood profile refinement
ABCstat_(68000) v1.0.3 - v1.1

A tool for statistical analysis
ABCdata_NoFPU v1.0.2b

Teaching of minimization techniques
PkFitPPC v2.3.7 & FilingPPC v2.3.7

TAS data handling and processing
MacSurvival.PPC.Us v2.2.2, MacSurvie.PPC.Fr v2.2.2, MacSurvie_68K v.2.2.2

Survival or reliability statistical analysis

Contour plots

Vectorial regression. Implement the algorithm by A. Antoniadis & J. Berruyer, Statistique and Analyse des données, 13, 3, 1-13, 1988.

Demo of statistical tests applied to the processing of the data flow from the ILL reactor.

Animated data from X-ray reflectometry on growing multilayer. By E. Ziegler (ESRF).

A set of small educational applications.