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The Computing for Science (CS) group supports ILL scientists, students and visitors in a number of activities including data analysis, instrument simulation and sample simulation.

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All Software

Version 4.2. (1999)

How to obtain and install Mfit

Mfit consists of about 40 Matlab .m functions, as well as the load functions, fitting functions, and fitting routines. To install Mfit on your system, you need to download an archived version, unpack it, and set up the configuration file. Follow the steps below:

This installation only considers Mfit. For the whole package look at

1. Download the archives below

    *The Install.txt file (containing descriptions, installation procedures and Whatsnew).

    *The whole Matlab ILL tools including Mfit - as source code  if you've got Matlab or standalone

    *The package includes all the required sublibraries for  Mfit.

      load Load routines for Mfit and Mview (with looktxt as Mex)
      funcs Fit functions for Mfit (with trix and convlv)
      nllsq Fit methods for Mfit (simplex and adapatative gradient)

2. Unpack the archives (installing sources)

*Follow the instructions listed here.

3. Create the required Mex files ffind and texmex

* The General Load Routine (load/multibatch) uses a Mex function 'texmex'
   including the 'looktxt' C code.
             To install it, go into the 'load' directory and type in Matlab:

>> mex -O -output looktxt texmex.c

             This will create a 'looktxt.mex???' file.

* The ffind routine exists in two versions (.m and .mex) in the load directory

If you want to boost the importation of some specific data files (e.g. SPEC
ILL and TASCOM...) you can optionally use the ffind MEX-function.
Move to the 'load' dir, and type (on terminal prompt):

>> mex -O ffind.c

Otherwise the normal (slower) ffind.m routine is used.

* Optionally, if you plan to install Rescal, you will need also (in funcs/trix) to type

>> mex -O mcint.c    or    mex -O mcint2.c

This is needed if you want to perform some 4D fits of neutron scattering data acquired on a TAS instrument.

4. to match your installation location...

5. Add the Mfit directory to your Matlab path

  • See your Matlab manual.and the example startup.m page.

6. Run Mfit

  • Type 'mfit' at the Matlab command prompt


(c) Martin Zinkin. June 14 1996. Revised E. Farhi and D. McMorrow. January 13, 2000.