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The Computing for Science (CS) group supports ILL scientists, students and visitors in a number of activities including data analysis, instrument simulation and sample simulation.

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Matlab libraries
Date : Wed May 25 10:23:00 CEST 2005
Author : E. Farhi <>
Content : Mfit4, Rescal5, Mview4 SSym1 for Matlab 5
SpectralTools for Matlab 4 or higher
Copyright (C) 1998-2005 Zinkin, McMorrow, Tennant, Farhi, and Wildes.
see licence terms at the end of this file (GPL).


Well done, we are proud to present you our freeware data analysis package.
Please find History section, followed by Install and Licence sections below.
Description of each library part is supplied in each package directory, and in
HTML help pages (doc directory).

This file contains the following sections
A- History
B- Install procedure
C- Licence and Contacts

Curent versions are now :
MFit 4.3.2
Mview 4.2.1
Rescal 5.1

A- History :

August 2005
* Mview: better legend support in Overlay, Fix axis limits option restored
* MFit: saved configurations are now read properly

June 2005
* Added 1D convolution tool in MFit:Options

April 2005
* Compatibility from Matlab 6.5 to Matlab 7 solved
* MView now displays legend on overlay plots
* MView now displays subplot overviews
* Many tooltips added (Mview, Rescal, MFit)
* a new multiple file selector for MView
* some bugs solved, color defaults changed
* MFit:Multifunction is now easier to use (selection of functions based
on their real name, and not anymore on their Matlab function name)
* Standalone versions are now available for Windows and Linux
* WINDOWS: the file selector can not access directly the network,
but requires to map a disk letter (e.g. Z:) on the ressource

Jul 2000
* looktxt v0.91 seems ok. New options -S and -H.
* Corrected mxRealloc bug in texmex.c

Jan 2000
* passed load/ffind Mex to matlab function. No more compiling needed.
* added View buttons in MFit:control
* zoom reset acts on selected points
* autoguess now keeps fixed parameters
* corrected old bug in Mfit:data window mouse handling (mf_rbbox)
* corrected bugs in load:ffind.m, specdata.m

Dec 1999
* New help pages for Mfit 4.2. updated install procedure
* touched mf_batch

Oct 1999
* corrected a bug in SpectralTools (leasqr,simplex,findpeaks,interpsp)
* New documentation for MFit (KD)

June 1999
* corrected small bug for isolated num near =,: or / char in looktxt
(v0.89, EF)
* corrected small bug in multidata.m. General Load is really cool (EF).
* Multifunc now enables to plot each contribution separately (KD).
* Corrected 50 params as default in 'n params' functions. (EF)

April 1999
* looktxt v0.88 is now a Mex function (texmex.c in load routines)

March 1999
* mfit tested on Matlab 5.3 (R11): no problems (EF).
* corrected minor bugs in looktxt -g (v.88). Added option -k (EF)

Jan 1999
* rewrite parameter estimates uncertainties (EF, nllsq/mf_sig). Revised
err=0 case in MFit/mf_gdata and nllsq/mf_dfdp. ExecAfterLoad data
saving in mf_gdata (EF).
* corrected funcs/trix/mcint2, and made mcint3 (EF/ARW).

Oct/Nov 1998
* corrected dp != 0 bug in mf_simplx, redraw in tomfit and Batch Line
option (EF).
* add polarisation analysis in ILL load routines (ARW). revised
mf_coldg,illdata,illbatch (EF).

Setp 1998
* revised parameters uncertainty estimates in mf_sig (DFM)
* zoom list is now kept when reploting (at last !) in Mfit/mf_gdata (EF)
* corrected a stupid bug in SSym/sp_pars that caused perpetual
recomputation (EF)

July 1998
* can now retreive params stored in .mft (EF)
* Minor correction in ILL batch load routine, mf_rbbox, mf_save (EF)
* speed up by 50 % multifunc with external temporary function (can be
pre-compiled by matlab) (EF)

May 1998 (MFit 4.2)
* a batch command field is now directly available. Press 'DoIt' button
to execute. Type help mf_batch, or help in batch line (EF).
* multifunc now supports 'user' parameters and optional short ID in
fn = func ID.
type help multifunc (EF)
* multifunc now saves its parameters when changing fit function (EF)
* fit parameters revert now possible (EF)

April 1998
* fit control is now in 'Option' menu of main MFit window (EF).
* when saving MFit config file, also save startup section for Multifunc,
params, ... (EF)
* stuff fixing in : mf_uplot, dwin, gdata, illdata, 'batch' load
routines (EF)
* 'Change X axis' (mf_chgx) now part of MFit. Called by SSym (EF)
* MFit Links to other Applications (EF)
* MFit configuration variables can be changed by user (Links Menu) (EF)
* SSym tested. Seems ok today. (EF)
* SSym 0.1 beta version for Brillouin/Raman... spectrum. (EF)
* Axis rescaling for Mfit and SSym. (EF)
* MFit Extensions with mf_ExecAfter{Load|Fit} objetcs(04/98) (EF)
* transform data feature in Mfit:Graph/Data menu (EF)
* MFit free/fix all params in Mfit:Graph/Data menu (EF)

Marsh 1998
* Added key accelerators and corrected some minor bugs (04/98) (EF)
in Mfit/Rescal
* Modified verbosity using in SpectraTools function. (EF)
No more global variable. Additional parameter (see leasqr)
* fixed minor bugs in Mview (mv_intp, mv_cut,...) (DFM)

Feb 1998
* AutoSave feature installed (parameters are saved before loading new
data). (EF)
* AutoGuess is now ok. (EF)

Jan 1998 :
* corrected index shift in SpectralTools/convlv (EF)
* corrected 'std' error in nllsq/mf_simplx (EF)
* corrected bug in mfit/mf_autogs (EF)

December 1997
* revised SpectralTools/findpeaks (EF)
* revised SpectralTools/leasqr and simplex (EF)
* revised func/dho (EF)
* revised nllsq/mf_simplx, mf_flsqr and mf_glsqr (EF)
* made nllsq/mf_sig (EF)

September 1997 (Mfit 4.1 from DAT/MZ)
* re-designed whole Mfit + Rescal (EF)
* port from Matlab 4 to Matlab 5. remove all warnings. (EF)

B- Install procedure :

1- go into your Matlab or Octave directory (personal or 'root' shared). It can be obtained with the matlabroot' command under matlab.
Usually, you should then be in something like .../matlab/toolbox/local/
(I shall call it ILLROOT now)

2- uncompress with
'gunzip *.gz' (Unix), 'WinZip/PkZip' (for PC's) or MacGZip (Mac)
3- unarchive with (in ILLROOT)
'tar xvf *.tar' (Unix), 'WinZip/PkZip' (for PC's) or MacGZip (Mac)
Some directories will be created :
mfit4, rescal5, mview4, ssym1
funcs, nllsq, load, @spec1d
SpectralTools, MiscTools, FileTools
The PackList.txt file shows our local file structure, here at ILL.
4- Edit and add necessary directories into Matlab:ILLROOT/startup.m
Our startup.m and octaverc files are provided as examples.
In fact, you just need to modify the 'libroot' path at the begining
of 'startup.m' file.
5- The General Load Routine (load/multibatch) uses the 'looktxt' program.
To install it, go into the ILLROOT/load directory.
Compiling the source:
Under Unix/Linux:
compile program with a command like 'cc -O -o looktxt looktxt.c'.
Then copy the 'looktxt' executable file into your ~/bin directory, or ask
system administrator to copy it into the /usr/local/bin/ directory.
Note: under Unix/HP, use rather 'cc -Aa +O2 -o looktxt looktxt.c'.
Then type from terminal prompt 'rehash', and try 'looktxt looktxt.c'.
Under PC:
You may have to change the Unix end-of-line characters (\n) into PC ones
(\n\r). This can be done with unix2dos.
Use your standard compiler (I used MS Visual C++ 5.0 without problems).
copy the resulting executable file 'Looktxt.exe' into C:\DOS or C:\Command.
Under Mac:
You may have to change the Unix end-of-line characters (\n) into Mac ones
(\n\r). This can be done with unix2dos.
Use your standard compiler (I did not try this !).
Getting pre-compiled executables:
Our Matlab ILL Web page provides some ready to
use executables.
Copy them into ~/bin or /usr/local/bin under Unix/Linux, or into C:\Command under

NB : looktxt.c uses /usr/include/sys/ librairies.
WARNING : if your compiler doesn't automatically include 'stdlib' and
'ctype' libraries, you have to make thoses lines active in
looktxt.c (see begining of source code).

6- To speed-up looktxt from Matlab, a Mex function 'texmex' has been written.
It converts the normal looktxt.c into a MeX library.
To install it, go into the 'ILLROOT/load' directory and type

in load: mex -O -output looktxt texmex.c

This can be done from Matlab or system terminal and will create
a 'looktxt.mex???' file.
Compilation into Mex file was succefull under Unix:HP-UX and SunOS systems.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PC USERS: The Mex file does not seem to work correctly under PC platforms
(Windows and Linux/SuSe). I do not know why. Remove any ILLROOT/load/looktxt.dll or
looktxt.mexlx file. The normal looktxt or looktxt.exe program will be used by Matlab (if found
by the system !).

7- If you want to boost the importation of some specific data files (e.g. SPEC
ILL and TASCOM...) you can optionally use the ffind MEX-function.
Move to the 'ILLROOT/load' dir, and type (on terminal prompt):

in load: mex -O ffind.c

Otherwise the normal (slower) ffind.m routine is used.

8- If you plan to use the trix function (for TAS 4D-convolution through Rescal),
you also need to create the MEX files for trix (4D neutron) routines.
To install it, go into the 'funcs/trix' directory and type in Matlab:

in funcs/trix: mex -O mcint.c or mex -O mcint2.c

This will create a 'mcint.mex???' files.

9- For Mfit4, Mview4 and Rescal5, there are some .ini files that should be
adapted to your system (load routines, fit functions, default pathes...).
This defines for instance the MFit and Mview menus and variables.
Look at the provided example files.
Some 'whatsnew' files are provided in each archive for these programs.

Check our site regularly as I often correct/modify files at your request.
E-mail me for any trouble. Bugs are usually very easy and fast to correct.

Licence :

Those libraries are protected through the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
which is detailed in 'licence.gpl' files in each part of libraries.

Copyright (C) 1995-99 Zinkin, McMorrow, Tennant, Farhi, and Wildes.

Thoses programs are free softwares; you can redistribute them and/or modify
them under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

Thoses programs are distributed in the hope that they will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

If you ever have some modifications to be made, send us an e-mail about what you
would like to be implemented. I don't guaranty anyway that it'll be done
tomorrow !
Please contact one of us for collaborations, using code or more informations by
e-mail :

E. Farhi ( alias EF MFit >= 4
A.R. Wildes ( alias ARW Mview
Des. McMorrow ( alias DFM Mview, Spec1d
M. Zinkin ( alias MZ MFit < 4, Mview, Rescal
D.A. Tennant ( alias DAT MFit < 4, Mview, Rescal
K. Dabertran (contact farhi) alias KD MFit

or by paper mail at :

Matlab libraries developpement team
TAS-Group, Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL), Grenoble
6, rue J. Horowitz, BP 156, 38042 Grenoble Cedex 9,France

Thanks to X.Maillart, D. Rideau, K. Dabertran, B. Hehlen, E. Rat, C. Clementin, L. Arzel... for using and testing thoses programs.