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The Computing for Science (CS) group supports ILL scientists, students and visitors in a number of activities including data analysis, instrument simulation and sample simulation.

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The Lamp Book

LAMP by D. Richard, M. Ferrand, G. J. Kearley.
WWW Manual created by A. D. Bradley


The LAMP Book is an on-line help and reference manual for the Large Array Manipulation Program, developed initialy for the treatment of data obtained from neutron scattering experiments here at the Institut Laue-Langevin.
LAMP has become more general purpose by adding common features and is seen as a GUI-laboratory for data analyses based on the IDL language.

LAMP provides a predictable and intuitive graphical user interface which integrates scientific visualisation with an enhanced data language. Many high level modules are predefined to enable interactive data analysis and visualisation of 2D , 3D data and atomistic representations.


LAMP also provides for:

  • Input and output of various data-type files with CUSTOMIZED MODULES.
  • Expansion and simplification of data with USER-MACROS in Interactive Data Language IDL.
  • General fitting interfaces for 2D and SIMULTANEOUS FITS with CONSTRAINTS.
  • Visualisation of calculated PHONONS and molecular VIBRATIONS.
  • Cristal and Magnetic STRUCTURES with propagation vectors EDITOR.
  • Miller planes in the CRYSTALLOGRAPHIC CELL easily animated to help visualise local structure.
  • RECIPROCAL SPACE densities calculated from multiple instrument acquisition scans.
  • Automatic ELECTRONIC LOG BOOKS updated in html format by a right click on images.
  • Lamp , Nxml , NeXuS FILE BROWSER with snapshot images.
  • Direct link to a powerful IMAGE-MANIPULATION module, Scan.
  • The live control of an experiment with GEORGE.
  • The same behaviour on Unix Motif platforms, MS_windows, MacIntosh.
  • A distribution package for the scientific community with a FREE embedded IDL license.
  • A LIVE-UPDATE feature to keep your application always up-to-date.
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