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CS software

The Computing for Science (CS) group supports ILL scientists, students and visitors in a number of activities including data analysis, instrument simulation and sample simulation.

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Software developed in the CS group

We have worked on many programs for the ILL users over the years.Many of these are available in our customized Ubuntu ILL-CS LiveDVD.

Main applications


LAMP - Large Array Manipulation Program neutron data analysis
BARNS - ILL applications web portal
FullProf4Mac - Diffraction suite
IDA - ILL internet Data Access
iFitIt - Polarised neutron data processing
Matlab ILL - Some Matlab programs MFit/MView (for TAS and others)
McStas - Instrument simulation package

Neutrons4Science - 3D interactive and multiplatform instrument simulations

NeutronEncyclopedia - the encyclopedia "Exploring matter with neutrons"

MDANSE - Molecular dynamics simulations with neutron capabilities
PKFit/Filing - Software for analysing TAS neutron data
SANS Data Treatment (SANSsuite)
TOFHR - the TOF suite (inx, plotof, tkplt, ingrid)

vDiffraction - A serious game about diffraction and crystals
vTAS - Simulator for TAS spectrometers either classical or multiplexed (FlatCone geometry)

vIMPS - Simulator for the multiplexed TAS spectrometer IN8-IMPS

vUFO - Simulator for the multiplexed TAS spectrometer IN12-UFO


VME driver for Mac OS X - because no such driver is provided by VME card manufacturers

Clickfit - Interactive data fitting
Deform - Principal deformation vectors (e.g. thermal expansion, compressibility, ...) from cell parameters
Diffraction - Teaching the diffraction process (crystal and powder diffraction)
idl2matlab - an IDL to Matlab/Scilab code converter

jDiffraction - Teaching the diffraction process (crystal and powder diffraction)
Light - Advanced instrument control (IN6-TOF)
Looktxt - import any text data into Matlab, IDL, Octave, ...
MacXenon - Xenon/Samarium poisoning of the High Flux Reactor of the ILL
OrientExpress - Easy indexing of Laue diffraction patterns
PGPLOT - An ILL special version of PGPLOT
PROFIT - free-fall fitting routine (bayesian for TOF/backscattering)
PROP - Program Opener "A bridge from Unix/Linux to Windows"
RLIB - A common library for data analysis at the ILL
The Rafin suite - Single Xtal diffraction: UB matrix and zero shift refinement


Old Mac OS 9 applications still alive !

Here are a few notes aboutHere, other pieces of information

Clusters and computers available in the CS group
Connecting from inside/outside ILL: firewall, ftp, ssh, mail, ...
Portable code and compilation

Libraries - Standard libraries used at the ILL
Mathematical libraries

Activation table of the elements (taken from Sax Mason/D19)
The ILL Blue Neutron Data Booklet, which gathers tons of useful stuff about neutron scattering