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Materials, components & process engineering

The ILL can support industrial R&D in its quest for technological development.
We intervene in challenging problem-solving situations and exploratory projects.

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Materials, components & process engineering

New materials are everywhere!

Imagine machines made from new kinds of fibres, with motors made from novel ceramics – both lighter and tougher than the metals they replace.
But who could imagine, a few years ago, new superconducting materials that could conduct electricity without loss, and be used in more powerful magnetic scanners to map the human body in the finest detail?
Who can imagine the future without working on the materials that will make it possible?

The properties of these materials are largely determined by their structure on the atomic scale, or nano-structure.
Neutrons are unrivalled in providing answers to an extremely wide range of problems related to materials science.

A versatile and unique portfolio of research solutions

  • Microstructure of metals and alloys, glasses, ceramics, or semiconductors,
  • mechanical stress in industrial components, composites, metals, ceramics; coatings,
  • radiography and tomography for non-destructive investigation,
  • morphology of surfaces and films,
  • crystal structures from powders and mixed phases,
  • non-destructive trace element analysis.

    How neutrons make the difference?

    Aluminium Alloys
    Emulsions, Foams, Gels,
    Surfactants, Colloids,
    Micelles… and neutrons!
    of Li-ion battery

    of integrated circuits

    Water inside an operating
    fuel cell
    High Temperature
    Synthesis (SHS)
    Investigating interfaces to improve the manufacture of integrated circuitsWater inside an operating fuel cellSelf-propagating High Temperature Synthesis (SHS)

    Smart nanogels at
    the air/water interface

    Smart nanogels at the air/water interface: structural studies by neutron reflectivity