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Environment & Energy

The ILL can support industrial R&D in its quest for technological development.
We intervene in challenging problem-solving situations and exploratory projects.

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Environment & Energy

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Neutrons & Energy

New materials for sustainable energy

Growing energy demands and serious environmental concerns mean that new and more efficient forms of energy generation and conservation are required – often based on advanced materials with carefully tailored  complex structures.

Neutrons offer the perfect tool to study them.

A versatile and unique portfolio of research solutions

  • crystal structures from powders and mixed phases,
  • following-up of chemical reactions and phase changes, catalysis process,
  • investigation of H2 storage materials, Li-ion batteries,
  • imaging water in fuel cell,
  • mechanical stress in industrial components, composites, metals, ceramics,
  • non-destructive trace element analysis.

How neutrons make the difference?

Improved formulation for STEPAN surfactants

of Li-ion battery

Water inside
an operating
fuel cell

Fuel cells and
hydrogen storage
and devices
diesel fuels
 world’s first
magnetic soap
Characterisation of fuel cellsUnfreezable diesel fuels          World’s first magnetic soap