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Season 1 (2015)

The ILL hosts around 40 PhD students. The topics of these PhDs cover every possible type of research with neutrons.

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Season 1 (2015)




"The first event of this kind lasted from January 2015 to June 2015. PhD students prepared lectures on all aspects of neutron related science with the help of ILL staff. The topics separate into four blocks:

  • Neutron production, beam and particle properties, and fundamental physics  applications,
  • Theory of neutron scattering
  • Overview of neutron scattering instruments
  • Simulation of instruments and samples.

Information regarding the topics and the speakers can be seen in the table below. For more information please contact phd_rep (at)

You can click on the theme to download the slides of previous talks. You can also download all the slides at once.



theme content (suggestions)  student contributors
The neutron as a scientific probe overview (talk by Helmut Schober)
 Free neutrons, fission and spallation properties of neutron, production reactions Matteo Bianchini, Eron Cemal
The fission reactor and the spallation source operation priciples  of a research reactor, of a spallation source, nature of neutrons produced Stefan Döge (Doegé), Annalisa Polidori
The moderation of neutrons and source/beam properties  creation of neutrons for beam experiments/ beam coherence and beam description Adrian Gonzalez-Roriguez, Robin Delhom
Nuclear and fundamental physics applications ultracold neutrons, fission products, exotic nuclei  Romain Virot, Fabien Lafont, Damien Roulier
Preparation of neutron beams for scattering experiments: beam optics, energy selection and analysis, polarization monochromators, guides, polarization devices Romain Boffy, Benjamin Brocco
Neutron detectors and data acquisition reactions/materials for neutron detection, mechanical design/conversion to electronic signal, data acquisition on various types of instruments Felix Kandzia, Pierre François Lory, Simon Wulle
Interaction with the sample(1) scattering theory, scattering potential Born approximation, elastic/ inelastic scattering Cecilia Casadei, Philipp Buchold
Interaction with the sample(2) cross-sections/definitions and measurement, coherent/incoherent  scattering,  nuclear/magnetic scattering Daria Noferini, Emilie Lefrançois, Jennyfer Channel
Interaction with the sample(3) scattering function and it's properties, linear response Simon Ansbro, Irina Piazza, Yvan Grachev
Diffraction  overview powder diffraction, single crystal diffraction, liquid diffraction, applications Pierre Aba-Perea, Lidia Mazzuca, Alycia Yee
Small angle scattering and reflectivity surfaces, interfaces, flux lines, precipitates, applications Ziad Ibrahim, Ashley Jordan, Clèlia Martin
Inelastic scattering TAS collective excitations in crystals, phonons, magnons, polarized TAS, applications Ketty Beauvois, Milan Klicpera
Inelastic scattering TOF/BS/NSE/crystal analyser molecular excitations, excitations in disordered, non-crystalline and polycrystalline matter, quasi-elastic response, applications  Emmanuel Bahn, Kristijan Kuhlmann
Simulation of instruments MCSTAS etc. Marco Grimaldo, Diane  Lançon
Simulation of samples MD, ab-initio, applications Airidas Korolkovas,  Sam Hanot
WRAP up session Q&A (talk by Helmut Schober)