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Multilayer Devices

The ILL has firmly established itself as a pioneer in neutron science and technology. Neutron beams are used to carry out frontier research in diverse fields.

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Neutron technology at ILL

The Multilayer Devices

The multilayer group runs two magnetron sputtering machines for producing neutron supermirrors and other multilayers. These can be stacked together to form devices for focusing, collimating or polarising neutron beams.


One of the best-known devices is the "Schärpf-type" bender for polarising cold-neutron beams, but many other types of devices are possible, such as bandpass filters, converging/diverging guides and polarising cavities. Multilayer devices for ILL instruments are produced in-house.






The Multilayers Team

Thierry Bigault, Guillaume Delphin, Amandine Vittoz