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Institut Laue-Langevin

The ILL has firmly established itself as a pioneer in neutron science and technology. Neutron beams are used to carry out frontier research in diverse fields.

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Neutron technology at ILL


List of publications related to the development of 3He spin filters from ILL and partners

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 Year 2015


Constraining short-range spin-dependent forces with polarized He3

M. Guigue, D. Jullien, A. K. Petukhov, and G. Pignol

Phys. Rev. D 92 (2015) 114001



Frequency shifts and relaxation rates for spin-1/2 particles moving in electromagnetic fields

Pignol, G. and Guigue, M. and Petukhov, A. and Golub, R.

Phys. Rev. A 92 (2015) 053407




Year 2014


3He spin filter based polarized neutron capability at the NIST Center for Neutron Research

W.C. Chen, T.R. Gentile, R. Erwin, S. Watson, Q. Ye, K.L. Krycka and B.B. Maranville

J. Phys.: Conf. Series 528 (2014) 012014



On the limits of spin-exchange optical pumping of 3He

W. C. Chen, T. R. Gentile, Q. Ye, T. G. Walker and E. Babcock

J. Appl. Phys. 116 (2014) 014903



Universality of spin relaxation for spin-1/2 particles diffusing over magnetic-field inhomogeneities in the adiabatic regime

M. Guigue, G. Pignol, R. Golub, and A. K. Petukhov

Phys. Rev. A 90 (2014) 013407



Neutron interferometric measurement of the scattering length difference between the triplet and singlet states of n-3He

M.G. Huber, M. Arif, W.C. Chen, T.R. Gentile, D.S. Hussey, T.C. Black, D.A. Pushin, C.B. Shahi, F.E. Wietfeldt and L. Yang

Phys. Rev. C 90 (2014) 064004




Year 2013


Wide Angle Polarization Analysis with Neutron Spin Filters

Q. Ye, T.R. Gentile, J. Anderson, C. Broholm, W.C. Chen, Z. DeLand, R.W. Erwin, C.B. Fu, J. Fuller, A. Kirchhoff, J.A. Rodriguez-Rivera, V. Thampy, T.G. Walker and S. Watson

Physics Procedia 42 (2013) 206



Size Independence of Statistics for Boundary Collisions of Random Walks and Its Implications for Spin-Polarized Gases

Dominique J. Bicout, Efim I. Kats, Alexander K. Petukhov, and Robert S. Whitney

Phys. Rev. Lett. 110 (2013) 010602



Comment on “Enhanced polarization and mechanisms in optically pumped hyperpolarized 3He in the presence of 4He”

T. R. Gentile, M. E. Hayden, P. J. Nacher, A. K. Petukhov, B. Saam and T. G. Walker”

Phys. Rev. A 88 (2013) 017401



Determination of the Weak Axial Vector Coupling λ=gA/gV from a Measurement of the β-Asymmetry Parameter A in Neutron Beta Decay

D. Mund, B. Märkisch, M. Deissenroth, J. Krempel, M. Schumann, H. Abele, A. Petoukhov, and T. Soldner

Phys. Rev. Lett. 110 (2013) 172502



Ultra-Sensitive Depolarization Study of Polarizing CoTi Supermirrors With The Opaque Test Bench

C. Klauser, T. Bigault, N. Rebrova, T. Soldner

Physics Procedia 42 (2013) 99 –105



Year 2012


Comment on “Pressure dependence of wall relaxation in polarized 3He gaseous cells”

B. Saam, A. K. Petukhov, J. Chastagnier, T. R. Gentile, R. Golub, and C. M. Swank

Phys. Rev. A 85 (2012) 047401



In situ polarized 3He system for the Magnetism Reflectometer at the Spallation Neutron Source

X. Tong, C. Y. Jiang, V. Lauter, H. Ambaye, D. Brown, L. Crow, T. R. Gentile, R. Goyette, W. T. Lee, A. Parizzi, and J. L. Robertson

Rev. Sci. Instrum. 83 (2012) 075101



High precision depolarisation measurements with an opaque test bench

C. Klauser, J. Chastagnier, D. Jullien, A. Petoukhov and T. Soldner

Journal of Physics Conference Series 340 01 (2012) 12011-12013(3)




Year 2011


Effects of high intensity neutron flux on in-situ spin-exchange optical pumping of 3He

E Babcock, S Boag, C Beecham, T E Chupp, T R Gentile, G L Jones, A K Petukhov and T G Walker

Journal of Physics: Conference Series 294 (2011) 012011



3He polarization for ISIS TS2 phase I instruments

C.J. Beecham, S. Boag, C.D. Frost, T.J. McKetterick, J.R. Stewart, K.H. Andersen, P.M. Bentley, D. Jullien

Physica B 406 (2011) 2429–2432



Polarized 3He cell development and application at NIST

W C Chen, T R Gentile, C B Fu, S Watson, G L Jones, J W McIver, D R Rich

Journal of Physics: Conference Series 294 (2011) 012003



A wide angle neutron spin filter system using polarized 3He

C.B. Fu, T.R. Gentile, G.L. Jones, W.C. Chen, R. Erwin, S. Watson, C. Broholm, J.A. Rodriguez-Rivera, J. Scherschligt

Physica B 406 (2011) 2419–2423




Year 2010


Internal magnetic structure of magnetite nanoparticles at low temperature

K. L. Krycka, J. A. Borchers, R. A. Booth, C. R. Hogg, Y. Ijiri, W. C. Chen, S. M. Watson, M. Laver, T. R. Gentile, S. Harris, L. R.Dedon, J. J. Rhyne, and S. A. Majetich

Journal of Applied Physics 107 (2010) 09B525



In-situ Polarized 3He-Based Neutron Polarization Analyzer for SNS Magnetism Reflectometer

W-T Lee, X Tong, J Pierce, M Fleenor, A Ismaili, JL Robertson, WC Chen, TR Gentile, A Hailemariam, R Goyette, A Parizzi, VLauter, F Klose, H Kaiser, C Lavelle, D V Baxter, GL Jones, J Wexler, and L McCollum

Journal of Physics: Conference Series 256 (2010) 012086



Polarized He3 as a Probe for Short-Range Spin-Dependent Interactions

A. K. Petukhov, G. Pignol, D. Jullien, and K. H. Andersen

Phys. Rev. Lett. 105 (2010) 170401



Powder diffraction with spin polarized neutrons

E. Lelièvre-Berna, A. S. Wills, E. Bourgeat-Lami, A. Dee, T. Hansen, P. F. Henry, A. Poole, M. Thomas, X. Tonon, J. Torregrossa, K. H. Andersen, F. Bordenave, D. Jullien, P. Mouveau, B. Guérard and G. Manzin

Measurement Science and Technology 21 (2010) 055106




Year 2009


In-situ SEOP polarizer and initial tests on a high flux neutron beam

E. Babcock, S. Boag, K.H. Andersen, M. Becker, C. Beecham, F. Bordenave, J. Chastagnier, W.C. Chen, R. Chung, T.E. Chupp, S.Elmore, P. Fouilloux, T.R. Gentile, D. Jullien, E. Lelièvre-Berna, P. Mouveau, A. Petoukhov, M. Revert, T. Soldner

Physica B 404 (2009) 2655-2658



In situ SEOP polarised 3He neutron spin filter for incident beam polarisation and polarisation analysis on neutron scattering instruments

S. Boag, E. Babcock, K.H. Andersen, M.Becker, T.R. Charlton, W.C. Chen, R.M. Dalgliesh, S.D. Elmore, C.D. Frost, T.R. Gentile,R. Lopez Anton, S.R. Parnell, A.K. Petoukhov, M.W.A. Skoda, T. Soldner

Physica B 404 (2009) 2659-2662



Coupled magnetic and ferroelectric domains in multiferroic Ni3V2O8

I. Cabrera, M. Kenzelmann, G. Lawes, Y. Chen, W. C. Chen, R. Erwin, T. R. Gentile, J. B. Leao, J.W. Lynn, N. Rogado, R. J. Cava,and C. Broholm

Physical Review Letters 103 (2009) 087201



Applications of 3He neutron spin filters at the NCNR

W.C. Chen, R. Erwin, J.W. McIver, S. Watson, C.B. Fu, T.R. Gentile, J.A. Borchers, J.W. Lynn, G.L. Jones

Physica B 404 (2009) 2663-2666



Precision measurement of the n-3He incoherent scattering length using neutron interferometry

M. G. Huber, M. Arif, T. C. Black, W. C. Chen, T. R. Gentile, D. S. Hussey, D. A. Pushin, F. E. Wietfeldt, and L. Yang

Physical Review Letters 102 (2009) 200401(4)



Resolving 3D magnetism in nanoparticles using polarization analyzed SANS

K.L. Krycka, R.Booth, J.A.Borchers, W.C. Chen, C.Conlon, T.R. Gentile, C. Hogg, Y. Ijiri, M. Laver, B.B. Maranville, S.A. Majetich,J.J. Rhyne, S.M.Watson

Physica B 404 (2009) 2561-2564



Core-Shell Magnetic Morphology of Structurally Uniform Magnetite Nanoparticles

K. L. Krycka, R. A. Booth, C. R. Hogg, Y. Ijiri, J. A. Borchers, W. C. Chen, S. M. Watson, M. Laver, T. R. Gentile, L. R. Dedon, S.Harris, J. J. Rhyne, and S. A. Majetich

Physical Review Letters 104 (2009) 207203(4)



End-compensated magnetostatic cavity for polarized 3He neutron spin filters

J. W. McIver, R. Erwin, W. C. Chen and T. R. Gentile

Review of Scientific Instruments 80 (2009) 063905-1/8



Study of spin-exchange optically pumped 3He cells with high polarisation and long lifetimes

S.R. Parnell, E. Babcock, K. Nünighoff, M.W.A. Skoda, S. Boag, S. Masalovich, W.C. Chen, R. Georgii, J.M. Wild, C.D. Frost

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 598 (2009) 774–778



Polarized 3He spin-filters using MEOP for wide-angle polarization analysis

K. H. Andersen, D. Jullien, A. K. Petoukhov, P. Mouveau, F. Bordenave, F. Thomas, E. Babcock

Physica B 404, 17 (2009) 2652–2654




Year 2008


SANS polarization analysis at V4 SANS instrument of HMI Berlin

U. Keiderling, A. Wiedenmann, A. Rupp, J. Klenke and W. Heil

Meas. Sci. Technol. 19 (2008) 034009



Digital pulsed NMR spectrometer for nuclear spin-polarized 3He and other hyperpolarized gases

S.R. Parnell, E.B. Woolley, S. Boag and C. D Frost

Meas. Sci. Technol. 19 (2008) 045601



Neutron beam effects on spin-exchange-polarized 3He

M. Sharma, E. Babcock, K.H. Andersen, L. Barrón-Palos, M. Becker, S. Boag, W.C. Chen, T.E. Chupp, A. Danagoulian, T.R.Gentile, A. Klein, S. Penttila, A. Petoukhov, T. Soldner, E.R. Tardiff, T.G. Walker, and W.S. Wilburn

Phys Rev Lett. 101 (2008) 083002




Year 2007


AFP flipper devices: Polarized 3He spin flipper and shorter wavelength neutron flipper

E. Babcock, A. Petoukhov, J. Chastagnier, D. Jullien, E. Lelièvre-Berna, K.H. Andersen, R. Georgii, S. Masalovich, S. Boag, C.D.Frost, and S.R. Parnell

Physica B 397 (2007) 172-175



Mid-term report of the NMI3 neutron spin filter project

E. Lelièvre-Berna

Physica B 397 (2007) 162-167



Demonstration of the use of polarised 3He as a broadband polariser on a pulsed time-of-flight neutron source

S. Boag, S.R. Parnell, C.D. Frost, K.H. Andersen, E. Babcock

Physica B 397 (2007) 179-181



3He spin filters for a thermal neutron triple axis spectrometer

W.C. Chen, G. Armstrong, Y. Chen, B. Collett, R. Erwin, T.R. Gentile, G.L. Jones, J.W. Lynn, S. McKenney, J.E. Steinberg

Physica B 397 (2007) 168-171



Spin-exchange optical pumping of 3He with Rb-K mixtures and pure K

W.C. Chen, T.R. Gentile, T.G. Walker, and E. Babcock

Physical Review A 75 (2007) 13416



A large area polarized 3He neutron spin filter

T.E. Chupp, K.P. Coulter, M. Kandes, M. Sharma, T.B. Smith, G. Jones, W.C. Chen, T.R. Gentile, D.R. Rich, B. Lauss, M.T.Gericke, R.C. Gillis, S.A. Page, J.D. Bowman, S.I. Penttila, W.S. Wilburn, M. Dabaghyan, F.W. Hersman, M. Mason

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 574 (2007) 500–509



Broad bandpass spin polarizers for the ISIS second target station

R.M. Dalgliesh, A.A. van Well, S. Boag, T.R. Charlton, C.D. Frost, V.O. de Haan, S. Parnell, J. Plomp

Physica B 397 (2007) 176-178



Polarized 3He spin filters for hot neutrons at the FRM-II

V. Hutanu, S. Masalovich, M. Meven, O. Lykhvar and G. Heger

Neutron News 18, 4 (2007) 14-16



Magnetization of 3He spin filter cells

V. Hutanu, A. Rupp, J. Klenke, W. Heil and J. Schmiedeskamp

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 40 (2007) 4405-4412



SQUID measurements of remanent magnetisation in refillable 3He spin-filter cells (SFC)

V. Hutanu, A. Rupp, and T. Sander-Thömmes

Physica B 397 (2007) 185-187



Method to measure neutron beam polarization with 2x1 Neutron Spin Filter

S. Masalovich

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 581 (2007) 791-798



Measurements of the 3He spin relaxation below room temperature

Takashi Ino and Suguru Muto

Physica B 397 (2007) 182-184




Year 2006


The 3He polarizing filter on the neutron reflectometer D17

K.H. Andersen, R. Cubitt, H. Humblot, D. Jullien, A. Petoukhov, F. Tasset, C. Schanzer, V.R. Shah, A.R. Wildes

Physica B 385-386 (2006) 1134



Limits to the polarization for spin-exchange optical pumping of 3He

E. Babcock, B. Chann, T.G. Walker, W.C. Chen, T.R. gentile

Physics Review Letters 96 (2006) 083003



Paramagnetic relaxation of spin polarized 3He at coated glass walls (part II)

A. Deninger, W. Heil, E.W. Otten, M. Wolf, R.K. Kremer, and A. Simon

The European Physical Journal D 38, 1 (2006) e2006-00051-1



PASTIS: an insert for polarization analysis studies on a thermal inelastic spectrometer

J.R. Stewart, K.H. Andersen, E. Babcock, C.D. Frost, A. Hiess, D. Jullien, J.A. Stride, J.-F. Barthélémy, F. Marchal, A.P. Murani, H.Mutka, H. Schober

Physica B 385-386 (2006) 1142



Test of a continuously polarized 3He neutron spin filter with NMR-based polarization inversion on a single-crystal diffractometer

G.L. Jones, F. Dias, B. Collett, W.C. Chen, T.R. Gentile, P.M.B. Piccoli, M.E. Miller, A.J. Schultz, H. Yan, X. Tong, W.M. Snow, W.T.Lee, C. Hoffmann, J. Thomison

Physica B 385-386 (2006) 1131



Update on polarised 3He

E. Lelièvre-Berna

Invited talk, ILL Millennium Symposium, (2006) Grenoble, France



3He spin filters/flippers and spherical neutron polarimetry applied to diffraction

E. Lelièvre-Berna

Invited talk, Polarised Neutron School, (HMI, 19-22 Sept. 2006) Berlin, Germany



Recent advances in polarised 3He spin-filters at the ILL

A. Petoukhov, K.H. Andersen, D. Jullien, E. Babcock, J. Chastagnier, R. Chung, H. Humblot, E. Lelièvre-Berna, F. Tasset, F. Radu,M. Wolff, H. Zabel

Physica B 385-386 (2006) 1146



Compact magnetostatic cavity for polarised 3He neutron spin filter cells

A.K. Petoukhov, V. Guillard, K.H. Andersen, E. Bourgeat-Lami, R. Chung, H. Humblot, D. Jullien, E. Lelièvre-Berna, T. Soldner, F.Tasset and M. Thomas

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 560 (2006) 480—484



Relaxation of spin polarized 3He by magnetized ferromagnetic contaminants (part III)

J. Schmiedeskamp, H.-J. Elmers, W. Heil, E.W. Otten, Yu. Sobolev, W. Kilian, H. Rinneberg, T. Sander-Thommes, F. Seifert, and J.Zimmer

The European Physical Journal D 38, 1 (2006) e2006-00052-0



Relaxation of spin polarized 3He by magnetized ferromagnetic contaminants (part I)

J. Schmiedeskamp, W. Heil, E.W. Otten, R.K. Kremer, A. Simon, and J. Zimmer

The European Physical Journal D 38, 1 (2006) e2006-00050-2




Year 2005


Pompage optique de l'hélium-3 à forte pression dans un champ magnétique de 1.5T

M. Abboud

PhD Thesis, Laboratoire Kastler-Brossel, Univ. Paris VI (2005)



Metastability exchange optical pumping of helium-3 at high pressures and 1.5 T: Comparison of two optical pumping transitions

M. Abboud, A. Sinatra, G. Tastevin, P.-J. Nacher, and X. Maître

Laser Physics,15, 4 (2005) 475-479



First results from Tyrex, the new polarised 3He filling station at ILL

K.A. Andersen, R. Chung, V. Guillard, H. Humblot, D. Jullien, E. Lelièvre-Berna, A. Petoukhov, and F. Tasset

Physica B, 356 (2005) 103-108



Spin-exchange optical pumping with alkali-metal vapors

E.D. Babcock

PhD Thesis, University of Winsconsin-Madison (2005)



Frequency-narrowed diode array bar

E. Babcock; B. Chann; I. Nelson and T.G. Walker

Applied Optics, 44 (2005) 3098-3104



Current activities and plans for polarized neutron instruments of the JSNS/J-PARC project

M. Furusaka

Physica B 356 (2005) 79-85



Polarized 3He spin filters in neutron scattering

T.R. Gentile, E. Babcock, J.A. Borchers, W.C. Chen, D. Hussey, G.L. Jones, W.T. Lee, C.F. Majkzrak, K.V. O'Donovan, W.M. Snow,X. Tong, S.G.E. te Velthuis, T.G. Walker, and H. Yan

Physica B 356 (2005) 96-102



Polarized 3He spin filters for slow neutron physics

T.R. Gentile, W.C. Chen, G.L. Jones, E. Babcock, and T.G. Walker

Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology 110 (2005) 299-304



Polarized 3He gas compression system using metastability-exchange optical pumping

D. S. Hussey, D. R. Rich, A. S. Belov, X. Tong, H. Yang, C. Bailey, C. D. Keith, J. Hartfield, G. D. R. Hall, T. C. Black, W. M. Snow,T. R. Gentile, W. C. Chen, G. L. Jones, and E. Wildman

Review of Scientific Instruments 76 (2005) 053503-1 - 053503-12



Research on 3He spin filter cells made of quartz glass

V. Hutanu and A. Rupp

Physica B 356 (2005) 91-95



Development of 3He polarised neutron spin filters at KEK

T. Ino, S. Muto, Y. Masuda, G. Kim and V.R. Skoy

Physica B 356 (2005) 109-113



Continuously operating compact 3He-based neutron spin filter

G.L. Jones, J. Baker, W.C. Chen, B. Collett, J.A. Cowan, M.F. Dias, T.R. Gentile, C. Hoffmann, T. Koetzle, W.T. Lee, K. Littrell, M.Miller, A. Schultz, W.M. Snow, X. Tong, H. Yan, and A. Yue

Physica B 356 (2005) 86-90



ILL polarised hot-neutron beam facility D3

E. Lelièvre-Berna, E. Bourgeat-Lami, Y. Gibert, N. Kernavanois, J. Locatelli, T. Mary, G. Pastrello, A. Petoukhov, S. Pujol, R. Rouques, F. Thomas, M. Thomas, and F. Tasset

Physica B 356 (2005) 141-145



Metastable optical pumping of 3He for neutron spin filters at ISIS

S.R. Parnell, G.W. Wallidge, C.D. Frost, S. Langridge, R.S. Eccleston, and P. Phillips

Physica B 356 (2005) 114-117



Towards polarization analysis on a thermal time-of-flight spectrometer

J.A. Stride, K.H. Andersen, A.P. Murani, H. Mutka, H. Schober, J.R. stewart

Physica B 356 (2005) 146-149



Progress toward polarised 3He neutron spin filters using SEOP at ISIS

G.W. Wallidge, T.R. Charlton, R.M. Dalgliesh, S.R. Parnell, J.R. Schofield

Physica B 356 (2005) 118-120



Polarised SANS for probing magnetic nanostructures

A. Wiedenmann

Physica B 356 (2005) 246-253



Magnetisation distribution measurements from powders using a 3He spin filter: a test experiment

A.S. Wills, E. Lelièvre-Berna, F. tasset, J. Schweizer, and R. Ballou

Physica B 356 (2005) 254-258




Year 2004


High nuclear polarization of 3He at low and high pressure by metastability exchange optical pumping at 1.5 tesla

M. Abboud, A. Sinatra, X. Maître, G. Tastevin and P.-J. Nacher

Europhysics Letters 68, 4 (2004) 480-486



Polarized neutron reflectometry of a patterned magnetic film with a 3He analyzer and a position-sensitive detector

W. C. Chen, T. R. Gentile, K. V. O'Donovan, J. A. Borchers and C. F. Majkrzak

Review of Scientific Instruments, 75 (2004) 3256-3263



Studies on optical pumping cells (OPC) to polarize 3He

V. Hutanu, A. Rupp

Physica B 350 (2004) e703-e706



Neutron spin filters (NSF) obtained by metastability-exchange optical pumping (MEOP) and mechanical compressing of 3He gas

V. Hutanu, K. Habicht and A. Rupp

V. I. Vlad: ROMOPTO 2003, Seventh Conference on Optics, Proceedings of SPIE, Bd. 5581, SPIE, Bellingham WA (2004) 418-427



Low-field orientation dependence of 3He relaxation in spin-exchange cells

R. E. Jacob, J. Teter, B. Saam, W. C. Chen, and T. R. Gentile

Physical Review A, 69 (2004) 021401.1- 021401.4(R)



Investigation of Noble Gas Polarization Using Optically Pumped Rb and K

L. M. Larkin

PhD Thesis, College of William and Mary in Virginia (2004) 1-32



Take a breath of polarized nobel gas

E.W. Otten

Europhysics News 35, 1 (2004) 16-20



A broadband ytterbium-doped tunable fiber laser for 3He optical pumping at 1083 nm

G. Tastevin, S. Grot, E. Courtade, S. Bordais and P.-J. Nacher

Applied Physics B 78 (2004) 145-156



Erzeugung höchster 3He Kernspinpolarisation durch metastabiles optisches Pumpen

M. Wolf

PhD Thesis, Mainz University (2004)




Year 2003


Hybrid Spin-Exchange Optical Pumping of 3He

E. Babcock, I. Nelson, S. Kadlecek, B. Driehuys, L. W. Anderson, F. W. Hersman and T. G. Walker

Physica Review Letters 91, 12 (2003) 123003-1 - 123003-4



Production of highly polarized 3He using spectrally narrowed diode laser array bars

B. Chann, E. Babcock, L. W. Anderson, T. G. Walker, W. C. Chen, T. B. Smith, A. K. Thompson, and T. R. Gentile

Journal of Applied Physics, 94 (2003) 6908-6914



Polarized 3He analyzers for neutron reflectometry

W.C. Chen, C. Bailey, J.A. Borchers, R.F.C. Farrow, T.R. Gentile, D. Hussey, C.F. Majkrzak, K.V. O’Donovan, N. Remmes, W.M.Snow, and A.K. Thompson

Physica B 335 (2003) 196–200



Comparison of metastability-exchange optical pumping sources

T.R. Gentile, M.E. Hayden, and M.J. Barlow

Journal of the Optical Society of America B, 20, 10 (2003) 2068-2074



Progress of the 3He neutron spin filter project at HMI

V. Hutanu, A. Gorzel, J. Klenke, and A. Rupp

Physica B 335 (2003) 205–210



Progress in the production of polarized 3He in Jülich

R. Müller, L.J. Chang, St. Appelt, W. Haesing, Ch. Horriar-Esser, A. Ioffe, Th. Br.uckel

Physica B 335 (2003) 278–281



Spin-resolved off-specular neutron scattering from magnetic domain walls using the polarized 3He gas spin filter

F. Radua, A. Vorobiev, J. Major, H. Humblot, K. Westerholt, and H. Zabel

Physica B 335 (2003) 63–67




Year 2002


The OSIRIS diffractometer and polarisation-analysis backscattering spectrometer

K.H. Andersen, D. Martin y Marero, and M.J. Barlow

Appl. Phys. A 74 [Suppl.] (2002) S237–S239



Magnetic field effects on the 1083 nm atomic line of helium

E. Courtade, F. Marion, P.-J. Nacher, G. Tastevin, K. Kiersnowski, and T. Dohnalik

The European Physical Journal D 21 (2002) 25-55



The influence of background on neutron polariser optimisation

L.D. Cussen, and D.J. Goossens

Applied Physics A 74 [Suppl.] (2002) S104–S106



Development of 3He neutron spin filter cells at the HMI

A. Gorzel, J. Klenke, and A. Rupp

Applied Physics A 74 [Suppl.] (2002) S89–S90



Large solid-angle polarisation analysis at thermal neutron wavelengths using a 3He spin filter

W. Heil, K.H. Andersen, R. Cywinski, H. Humblot, C. Ritter, T.W. Roberts, and J.R. Stewart

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 485 (2002) 551–570



Simultaneous polarization analysis of Zeeman splitting in polarized neutron reflectometry using a polarized 3He neutron-spin filter

D. Hussey, S. Fan, B.Neff, C. Bailey, W.M. Snow, D. Rich, A.K. Thompson, T.R. Gentile, S.G.E. te Velthuis, and G.P. Felcher

Applied Physics A 74 [Suppl.] (2002) S234–S236



A new thermal neutron spectrometer/diffractometer for polarization analysis (SV30) at the research reactor FRJ-2

A. Ioffe, H. Conrad, T. Zeiske, R. Müller, E. Küssel, S. Masalovich, M. Schlapp, B. Schmitz, and T. Brückel

Applied Physics A 74 [Suppl.] (2002) S107–S108



3He spin exchange cells for magnetic resonance imaging

R.E. Jacob, S.W. Morgan, and B. Saam

Jounal of Applied Physics 92 (2002) 1588-1597



Novel polarized neutron tools

E. Lelièvre-Berna

Advances in Neutron Scattering Instrumentation,

Ian Anderson and Bruno Guérard, Editors, Proceedings of SPIE 4785 (2002)

112-125, ISBN 0-8194-4552-5



The D3 project: to investigate better exotic magnetic systems with novel polarised neutron techniques

E. Lelièvre-Berna

Neutron News 13, 1 (2002) 28-31



Optical pumping of helium-3 at high pressure and magnetic field

P.-J. Nacher, E. Courtade, M. Abboud, A. Sinatra, G. Tastevin

NACHER'PAAT02 May 31 (2002), 1-12



A measurement of the absolute neutron beam polarization produced by an optically pumped 3He neutron spin filter

D.R. Rich, J.D. Bowman, B.E. Crawford, P.P.J. Delheij, M.A. Espy, T. Haseyama, G. Jones, C.D. Keith, J. Knudson, M.B.Leuschner,  A. Masaike, Y. Masuda, Y. Matsuda, S.I. Penttilä, V.R. Pomeroy, D.A. Smith, W.M. Snow, J.J. Szymanski, S.L.Stephenson, A.K. Thompson, V. Yuan

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 481 (2002) 431–453



Spin exchange optical pumping at pressures near 1 bar for neutron spin filters

D.R. Rich, T.R. Gentile, T.B. Smith, A.K. Thompson, and G.L. Jones

Applied Physics Letters 80 (2002) 2210-2212



A precise measurement of the spin-dependent neutron scattering length of 3He

O. Zimmer, G. Ehlers, B. Farago, H. Humblot, W. Ketter, and R. Scherm

European Physical Journal Direct A 4 (2002) A1, 1-28




Year 2001


Investigation of in-chain spin correlations in YBaCuO by neutron polarization analysis

S. Gavrilov, V. Plakhty, P. Burlet, J. Kulda, and H. Humblot

Physica B 297 (2001) 75-77



Compressing spin-polarized 3He with a modified diaphragm pump

T.R. Gentile, D.R. Rich, A.K. Thompson, W.M. Snow, and G.L. Jones

Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology 106, 4 (2001) 709-729



The Yb fiber laser for metastable 3He optical pumping at Jülich

R.M. Müller

Physica B 297 (2001) 277-281



Spin-resolved off-specular neutron scattering maps from magnetic multilayers using a polarized 3He gas spin filter

B. Nickel, A. Rühm, W. Donner, J. Major, H. Dosch, A. Schreyer, H. Zabel, and H. Humblot

Review of Scientific Instruments 72, 1 (2001) 163-172



Polarized 3He neutron spin filter development and application at Indiana University and NIST

D.R. Rich, S. Fan, T.R. Gentile, D. Hussey, G.L. Jones, B. Neff, W.M. Snow, and A.K. Thompson

Physica B 305 (2001) 203–207



The current status of the 3He neutron spin filter (NSF) project at the ILL

T.W. Roberts, H. Humblot, F. Tasset, E. Lelièvre-Berna, A.R. Wildes, A. Ivanov, A.K. Petoukhov, L.-P. Regnault, A.D. Hillier, J.Kulda, J.R. Stewart, M. Thomas, P. Malbert, D. Jullien, Y. Gibert, R. Gay, E. Bourgeat-Lami, and R. Chung

Physica B 297 (2001) 282-287




Year 2000


Recent news on ILL polarised 3He developments

K.H. Andersen, E. Bourgeat-Lami, J. Dreyer, W. Heil, D. Hofmann, H. Humblot, S. Ivanov, J. Kulda, E. Lelièvre-Berna, A.Petoukhov, S. Pujol, L.-P. Regnault, T.W. Roberts, J.R. Stewart, F. Tasset, M. Thomas, and A.R. Wildes

Physica B 276-278 (2000) 65-66



Optimisation of optical pumping and filter cell development at the 3He filter project at HMI

A. Danzig, K. Habicht, and A. Rupp

Physica B 276-278 (2000) 185-186



Cryopol: a superconducting magnetostatic cavity for a 3He neutron spin filter

J. Dreyer, L.-P. Regnault, E. Bourgeat-Lami, E. Lelièvre-Berna, S. Pujol, F. Thomas, M. Thomas, and F. Tasset

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 449 (2000) 638-648



SANS polarization analysis with nuclear spin-polarized 3He

T.R. Gentile, G.L. Jones, A.K. Thompson, J. Barker, C.J. Glinka, B. Hammouda, and J.W. Lynn

Journal of Applied Crystallography 33 (2000) 771–774



Test of 3He-based neutron polarizers at NIST

G.L. Jones, T.R. Gentile, A.K. Thompson, Z. Chowdhuri, M.S. Dewey, W.M. Snow, F.E. Wietfeldt

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 440 (2000) 772-776



New limit on the D coefficient in polarized neutron decay

L.J. Lising, S.R. Hwang, J.M. Adams, T.J. Bowles, M.C. Browne, T.E. Chupp, K.P. Coulter, M.S. Dewey, S.J. Freedman, B.K.Fujikawa, A. Garcia, G.L. Greene, G.L. Jones, H.P. Mumm, J.S. Nico, J.M. Richardson, R.G.H. Robertson, T. D. Steiger, W.A.Teasdale, A.K. Thompson, E.G. Wasserman, F.E. Wietfeldt, R.C. Welsh, and J.F. Wilkerson

Physical Review C 62, 5 (2000) 055501-1-055501-11




Year 1999


3He neutron spin-filter

W. Heil, J. Dreyer, D. Hofmann, H. Humblot, E. Lelièvre-Berna, and F. Tasset

Physica B 267-268 (1999) 328-335



Neutron optics P-violation effects near p-wave resonance

W. Heil, H. Humblot, D. Hofmann, I. Krasnoschekova, E. Lelièvre-Berna, A. Petoukhov, G. Petrov, A. Serebrov, F. Tasset, and G.Valsky

Physica B 267-268 (1999) 289-293



The D3C project: improvements and new fields of science

E. Lelièvre-Berna and F. Tasset

Physica B 267-268 (1999) 21-26




Year 1998


Interdisciplinary experiments with polarized 3He

J. Becker, J. Bermuth, M. Ebert, T. Grossmann, W. Heil, D. Hofmann, H. Humblot, M. Leduc, E.W. Otten, D. Rob, R. Surkau

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 402 (1998) 327-336



3He neutron spin filter at ILL

W. Heil, K. Andersen, D. Hofmann, H. Humblot, J. Kulda, E. Lelièvre-Berna, O. Schärpf, F. Tasset

Physica B 241-243 (1998) 56-63



The 3He filter on a polarized thermal neutron three-axis spectrometer

J. Kulda, A. Wildes, A. Martin-Martin, W. Müller, W. Heil, H. Humblot, and F. Tasset

Physica B 241-243 (1998) 136-138



Method and apparatus for compression of a polarized gas

T.R. Gentile

US Patent 6.134.913 (1998)




Year 1997


Realization of a broad-band neutron spin filter with compressed, polarized 3He gas

J. Becker, M. Ebert, T. Grossmann, W. Heil, D. Hofmann, H. Humblot, M. Leduc, E.W. Otten, D. Rohe, K. Siemensmeyer, R.Surkau, M. Steiner, F. Tasset, N. Trautmann

Physica B 234-236 (1997) 1078-1079



Pressure broadening of Rb D1 and D2 lines by 3He, 4He, N2, and Xe: Line cores and near wings

M.V. Romalis, E. Miron, and G.D. Cates

Physical Review A 56 (1997) 4569-4578



Realization of a broad band neutron spin filter with compressed, polarized 3He gas

R. Surkau, J. Becker, M. Ebert, T. Grossmann, W. Heil, D. Hofmann, H. Humblot, M. Leduc, E.W. Otten, D. Rohe, K.Siemensmeyer, M. Steiner, F. Tasset, N. Trautmann

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 384 (1997) 444-450




Year 1996


Optical pumping magnetic resonance in high magnetic fields: Characterization of nuclear relaxation during pumping

Matthew P. Augustine and Kurt W. Zilm

J. Chem. Phys. 105, 8 (1996) 2998-3011



High nuclear polarization in 3He and 3He-4He gas mixtures by optical pumping with a laser diode

E. Soltz, M. Meyerhoff, N. Bigelow, M. Leduc, P.-J. Nacher and G. Tastevin

Applied Physics B 63 (1996) 629-633



Polarisation analysis of the light emitted by an optically pumped 3He gas

E. Stoltz, B. Villard, M. Meyerhoff, and P.J. Nacher

Applied Physics B 63 (1996) 635-640




Year 1995


Optimum transmission for a 3He neutron polarizer

F. Tasset and E. Ressouche

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 359 (1995) 537-541




Year 1993


NMR calibration of optical measurement of nuclear polarization in 3He

W. Lorenzon; T.R. Gentile; H. Gao; and R.D. McKeown

Physical Review A 47 (1993) 468-479




Year 1992


First test at ILL of a gaseous 3He neutron polarization filter

F. Tasset, T.E. Chupp, J.P. Pique, A. Steinhof, A. Thompson, E. Wasserman, and M. Ziade

Physica B 180 & 181 (1992) 896-898



Accurate optical measurement of nuclear polarization in optically pumped 3He gas

N.P. Bigelow, P.-J. Nacher, and M. Leduc

Journal de Physique II France 2 (1992) 2159-2179




Year 1987


Polarized, high-density, gaseous 3He targets

T.E. Chupp and M. E. Wagshul

Physical Review C 36, 6 (1987) 2244-2251




Year 1964


Temperature Dependence of Helium Metastability Exchange Cross Section

F.D. Colegrove, L. D. Schearer and G. K. Walters

Physical Review 135, 2A (1964) A353-A357




Year 1963


Polarization of He3 Gas by Optical Pumping

F. D. Colegrove, L. D. Schearer and G. K. Walters

Coulomb scattering without atomic excitation 132, 6 (1963) 2561-2572



Large He3 Nuclear Polarization

L. D. Schearer, F. D. Colegrove and G. K. Walters

Physical Review Letters 10,3 (1963) 108-110




Year 1962


Nuclear polarization of He3 gas by metastability exchange with optically pumped metastable He3 atoms

G. K. Walters, F.D. Colegrove and L. D. Schearer

Physical Review Letters 8,11 (1962) 439-443