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BARNS - application portal

The Computing for Science (CS) group supports ILL scientists, students and visitors in a number of activities including data analysis, instrument simulation and sample simulation.

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BARNS - application portal



Better Access for Regular Use of Networked Software 

Download data or run ILL programs over the web!
Basic Barns:
How to login
Find and download data
Run ILL applications on the web.


1. Logging into barns

Enter in the "location" of your web-browser. The barns login-window should appear. Enter your name, nick name and an optional password. Press the application button (~) and a pull-down menu containing the applications available will appear. Select the application you wish to run.


2. Finding ILL data.

You can search for data by data, by cycle, by instrument of by a character string in the experiment name. The experiment name is whatever you typed in when the data were collected - this sorts out the careful users! The results of your search will appear in the lower left frame of the interface.


3. Downloading ILL data.

Log in to barns and select the application IDA (internet data access). Press start.


If you know the run-number, instrument, and cycle for your data you can enter these in the lower window. The default is to copy the runs to your local machine with a default name of nph-barns. If you select more than one run these will be sent in a "tar file" which can be unloaded on your local machine with (unix):

tar xvf nph-barns


The transfer is faster if you use the "compressed" option but you will need to uncompress the files on your local machine. Note that the compressed data are contained within the tar file for multiple runs.


4. Running ILL programs.

Select the desired application from the barns login interface. Press start. All applications use the four standard barns frames and you need to understand these first.


The application runs in the top frame. This is WebLamp in figure.


The tools which you will use to inspect files, results etc. are in the lowest frame on the right.


Output appears in the bottom-left frame. This is a gif-file produced by webLamp in figure


There is a window in the center-right frame containing the program dialogue.


Most applications will require you to fill in information first, then they will run producing output which may appear directly in the output frame, or as a file. Any files can be found with the file-browser in the tool frame. Select the file and press view. Barns will decide what sort of file you have and display it. The view-button pointing to the right will cause the file to be displayed in a new big window. Do not quit this window or you will quit the whole thing! Close it.


4th March 1998
D. Richard and G. Kearley

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