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The Computing for Science (CS) group supports ILL scientists, students and visitors in a number of activities including data analysis, instrument simulation and sample simulation.

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PkFit and Filing for Mac OS X

Alain Filhol (ILL) and Jacques Divol (Olilog conseil)

PkFit (v3) is an interim version, a quick port to Mac OS X under the strong impulse of users. This was made necessary when the old Mac OS classic version of PkFit and Filing stopped working correctly when Apple introduced Mac OS 10.3 (Jaguar) in 2003. Use it at your own risk !
Please note that PkFit (v4) is now available. This is a multi-platform development based on the GUI tool set Winteracter.

The GUI of PkFit (v3) is based on the PGplot graphic library. Its main features are :
1- It is X11 based and run from an xterm. Thus do not expect a nice Apple like interface !
2- It based on an improved version of PGplot and supports Aqua.
    BEWARE: PGplot from Caltech or the ILL have bugs in their keyboard data input routines. That's why we use a modified version.
2- It supports the most recent (April 07) ILL data file formats for TAS instruments.
3- It supports of the most recent (April 07) file formats for polarised neutrons on TAS instruments, including CRYOPAD files.
4- Both applications are provided in two forms:
    - a line command application: to be launched from an X11 terminal
    - a bundled application: to be launched by double-clicking the icon.

There is no specific documentation

Ref: A. Bouvet, A. Filhol (1997) Technical report ILL97BO03T, Institut Laue-langevin, France.


Version 3.1.9, oct 2007
    - ReadMe.rtf or ReadMe.pdf
    - meLire.rtf ou meLire.pdf

    - PGplot + PkFit + Filing for Mac OS 10.3.9 PPC:  (1.1Mb)
    - PGplot + PkFit + Filing for Mac OS 10.4.x PPC:  (1.9Mb)
    - PGplot + PkFit + Filing for Mac OS 10.4.x x86:  (2.2Mb)
    - (64 kb)
    - User's manual : Sorry, no upgraded manual yet! Please refer to the old one.



- Which Mac OS version are supported ?
    10.3.9 or higher
- What about Macintel computers ?
    PkFit and Filing versions now exist for x86 (Macintel) computers. The PPC and and x86 versions are separated files which have not yet been merged into a unique universal binary version.
- What are the differences with the Mac OS classic version
    The calculation routines are the same but the PGplot based interface of the Mac OS X version cannot pretend to compete with the interface based on Apple's APIs
- Why X11 for the Mac OS X version ?
    The Mac OS classic version used the graphic library TSIgraphics which is dead for long (source code not available). The interface was pure Fortran with direct calls to Apple's APIs. This is only possible with the Absoft Fortran compiler and the effort to switch from Mac OS classic to Mac OS X was huge. It was thus easier and faster to port the Unix version to Mac OS X without bothering too much with the quality of the interface.
- What is the future of PkFit & Filing
    A much better interface is being prepared based on Winteracter <>, an advanced and multiplatform graphical library.

Last update: A. Filhol, 11 Jan. 2008