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The Computing for Science (CS) group supports ILL scientists, students and visitors in a number of activities including data analysis, instrument simulation and sample simulation.

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All Software

A ready to use system with pre installed software

The ILL/CS live-DVD/ISO is a ready to use system with pre-installed software


Current version Aug 2017 [ISO]

All versions available at


These ISO files should be either:

  • burnt onto a DVD (burn as an image using Right-Click menu item, or Disk Utility for Mac OSX),
  • written to a USB disk (use Rufus or dd if=iso of=usbkey bs=1m), or
  • used attached to a virtual machine, e.g. VirtualBox (create new machine with e.e. 8 cores, 16 Gb mem, 20 Gb disk, and attach ISO to the DVD drive).

They do not affect the running computer system, except if you choose to physically install the distribution.



ILL/CS live system versions
Nov 2017

Appliance for VirtualBox. With ab-initio/DFT codes,

Python/ASE, PhonoPyiFit and McStas and PyNE.


See iFit/Install page for installation instructions. 'lambda'/'illill'

3.1 Gb

Aug 2017

contains ab-initio/DFT codes, Python/ASE, 

PhonoPy, iFit and McStas, and plenty of other stuff


See iFit/Install page for installation instructions

4.0 Gb


Jun 2013

contains DFT codes, neutron stuff and plenty of other tools.

updated packages, fixed some applications 


[Release notes3.2 Gb

Jun 2012nmi3-ill-1204.iso4 Gb
Jan 2011initial release based on Ubuntu 10.04ILL CS Jan 2011.iso3.9 Gb



This ISO is bootable. It contains a LongTerm Support Ubuntu system with pre-installed applications. You may just run it without touching the current computer disk. You may also install it (with all software) on a 30 Gb+ disk. The Ubuntu system runs on all machines, including Apple ones. The CPU needs to support 64bit architecture (will not run on some netbooks and older machines). Perfect for testing software, tutorials and schools, and machine deployment. Find Applications from either the Desktop directory, or type 'neutron' in the Dash Home.
MacOSX: Press 'C' at boot to start from the DVD.


Alternatively, you can get most of our software from the McCode package repository for Debian/Ubuntu/Mint systems.



(c) farhi(at) ILL/CS 2011-2017 -  Computing for Science