Dr. Arno Hiess

Office : 3123, ILL 4 3rd Floor 

Phone : +33 (0)4 57 42 82 47

E-mail : hiess(at)


Thales Instrument Co-Responsible

Research Interests

Coming back to the Institut Laue Langevin (ILL) as scientist, I am co-responsible for the ThALES spectrometer. Previously, I have been (co-) responsible for several three-axis spectrometers IN14, IN8 and IN3 and acted as ‘local contact’ for many users of ILL’s spectrometer suite.

In my role as Head of the Scientific Activities Division at the European Spallation Source ERIC I built a strong and successful team designing, constructing and operating ESS science support systems encompassing all needs for sample environment systems, scientific laboratories as well as the scientific coordination & user office. I strive to keep a tight collaboration with ESS e.g. sustain and grow the link between ESS, ILL and their neutron user community to harness the full scientific potential of the facilities and to support research using neutrons in diverse scientific fields.

My scientific research into magnetism and superconductivity of intermetallic compounds containing either rare earth (magnetic 4f electrons) or actinide (magnetic 5f electrons) elements uses various neutron and x-ray scattering techniques and requires low temperatures and strong magnetic fields. Following on my habilitation in 2009, I remain affiliated with the Technical University Dresden.