Thomas Saerbeck

Research Scientist


Instrument Scientist D17

Managing access to Magnetism Platform @ CNRS Institute Néel for ILL staff

Scientists' Representative




334 - Science Building - 3rd floor


+33 (0)4 76 20 70 72


Magnetism and proximity effects in thin films and multilayers

  • Multiferroic thin films and heterostructures, their magnetic properties and behaviour under external stimuli
  • Layer morphology and magnetic structure of thin film functional heterostrucures and lateral patterns
  • Magnetic proximity effects across interfaces in heterostructures of dissimilar materials 
  • Physical mechanisms of interlayer exchange coupling and magnetic order in thin film multilayers 
  • Polarised neutron reflectomtery and off-specular scattering of hard condensed matter systems for magnetism, materials science or applied studies

Journal Publications:

  1. Soliton-Mediated Magnetic Reversal in an All-Oxide-Based Synthetic Antiferromagnetic Superlattice. K. Zhang, K. Zhernenkov, T. Saerbeck, A. Glavic, L. Qu, C.J. Kinane, A.J. Caruana, E. Hua, G. Gao, F. Jin, B. Ge, F. Cheng, S. Pütter, A. Koutsioubas, S. Mattauch, T. Brueckel, Y. Su, L. Wang,W. Wu. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13, 20788-20795 (2021).
  2. Improved performance of wide bandwidth neutron-spin polarizer due to ferromagnetic interlayer exchange coupling. R. Maruyama, D. Yamazaki, H. Aoki, K. Akutsu-Suyama, T. Hanashima, N. Miyata, K. Soyama, T. Bigault, T. Saerbeck,P. Courtois. Journal of Applied Physics 130, 083904 (2021).
  3. Composition effects on photooxidative membrane destabilization by TiO2 nanoparticles. S. Malekkhaiat Häffner, E. Parra-Ortiz, M.W.A. Skoda, T. Saerbeck, K.L. Browning,M. Malmsten. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 584, 19-33 (2021).
  4. Design and realization of a sputter deposition system for the in situ and in operando use in polarized neutron reflectometry experiments: Novel capabilities. J. Ye, A. Book, S. Mayr, H. Gabold, F. Meng, H. Schäfferer, R. Need, D. Gilbert, T. Saerbeck, J. Stahn, P. Böni,W. Kreuzpaintner. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 964, 163710 (2020).
  5. Magnetic Structure of Ion-Beam Imprinted Stripe Domains Determined by Neutron Scattering. T. Saerbeck, H. Huckfeldt, B.P. Toperverg,A. Ehresmann. Nanomaterials 10, 752 (2020).
  6. Oxidation of Polyunsaturated Lipid Membranes by Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles: Role of pH and Salinity. E. Parra-Ortiz, S. Malekkhaiat Häffner, T. Saerbeck, M.W.A. Skoda, K.L. Browning,M. Malmsten. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12, 32446-32460 (2020).
  7. Stabilization of e-Fe2O3 epitaxial layer on MgO(111)/GaN via an intermediate g-phase. V. Ukleev, M. Volkov, A. Korovin, T. Saerbeck, N. Sokolov,S. Suturin. Physical Review Materials 3, 094401 (2019).
  8. Coherent Magnetization Rotation of a Layered System Observed by Polarized Neutron Scattering under Grazing Incidence Geometry. R. Maruyama, T. Bigault, T. Saerbeck, D. Honecker, K. Soyama,P. Courtois. Crystals 9, 383 (2019).
  9. Planar sucrose substrates for investigating interfaces found in molten chocolate. I. Manasi, T. Arnold, J.F.K. Cooper, I. Van Damme, C. Dong, T. Saerbeck, G.B.G. Stenning, J. Tellam,S. Titmuss. Food Structure 22, 100128 (2019).
  10. Magnetic characterization of oblique angle deposited Co/CoO on gold nanoparticles. J.K. Jochum, T. Saerbeck, V. Lazenka, V. Joly, L. Shan, H.-G. Boyen, K. Temst, A. Vantomme,M.J. Van Bael. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 483, 76-82 (2019).
  11. Unveiling structural, chemical and magnetic interfacial peculiarities in ε-Fe2O3/GaN (0001) epitaxial films. V. Ukleev, S. Suturin, T. Nakajima, T.-h. Arima, T. Saerbeck, T. Hanashima, A. Sitnikova, D. Kirilenko, N. Yakovlev,N. Sokolov. Scientific Reports 8, 8741 (2018).
  12. Recent upgrades of the neutron reflectometer D17 at ILL. T. Saerbeck, R. Cubitt, A. Wildes, G. Manzin, K.H. Andersen,P. Gutfreund. Journal of Applied Crystallography 51, 249-256 (2018).
  13. Towards generalized data reduction on a chopper-based time-of-flight neutron reflectometer. P. Gutfreund, T. Saerbeck, M.A. Gonzalez, E. Pellegrini, M. Laver, C. Dewhurst,R. Cubitt. Journal of Applied Crystallography 51, 606-615 (2018).
  14. Magnetic and structural depth profiles of Heusler alloy Co 2 FeAl 0.5 Si 0.5 epitaxial films on Si(1 1 1). S.E. Glover, T. Saerbeck, B. Kuerbanjiang, A. Ghasemi, D. Kepaptsoglou, Q.M. Ramasse, S. Yamada, K. Hamaya, T.P.A. Hase, V.K. Lazarov,G.R. Bell. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 30, 065801 (2018).
  15. Nanotextured phase coexistence in the correlated insulator V2O3. A.S. McLeod, E. van Heumen, J.G. Ramirez, S. Wang, T. Saerbeck, S. Guenon, M. Goldflam, L. Anderegg, P. Kelly, A. Mueller, M.K. Liu, I.K. Schuller,D.N. Basov. Nature Physics 13, 80-86 (2017).
  16. Accessible length scale of the in-plane structure in polarized neutron off-specular and grazing-incidence small-angle scattering measurements. R. Maruyama, T. Bigault, A.R. Wildes, C.D. Dewhurst, T. Saerbeck, D. Honecker, D. Yamazaki, K. Soyama,P. Courtois. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 862, 012017 (2017).
  17. Growth-Induced In-Plane Uniaxial Anisotropy in V2O3/Ni Films. D.A. Gilbert, J.G. Ramírez, T. Saerbeck, J. Trastoy, I.K. Schuller, K. Liu,J. de la Venta. Scientific Reports 7, 13471 (2017).
  18. Two state coercivity driven by phase coexistence in vanadium sesquioxide/nickel bulk hybrid material. C. Urban, A. Quesada, T. Saerbeck, M.A. Garcia, M.A. de la Rubia, I. Valmianski, J.F. Fernández,I.K. Schuller. Applied Physics Letters 109, 112401 (2016).
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  20. The role of chemical structure on the magnetic and electronic properties of Co2FeAl0.5Si0.5/Si(111) interface. B. Kuerbanjiang, Z. Nedelkoski, D. Kepaptsoglou, A. Ghasemi, S.E. Glover, S. Yamada, T. Saerbeck, Q.M. Ramasse, P.J. Hasnip, T.P.A. Hase, G.R. Bell, K. Hamaya, A. Hirohata,V.K. Lazarov. Applied Physics Letters 108, 172412 (2016).
  21. The Solid State Conversion Reaction of Epitaxial FeF2(110) Thin Films with Lithium Studied by Angle-Resolved X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy. R. Thorpe, S. Rangan, R. Whitcomb, A.C. Basaran, T. Saerbeck, I.K. Schuller,R.A. Bartynski. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17, 15218 (2015).
  22. Effect of disorder on the metal-insulator transition of vanadium oxides: Local versus global effects. J.G. Ramirez, T. Saerbeck, S. Wang, J. Trastoy, M. Malnou, J. Lesueur, J.-P. Crocombette, J.E. Villegas,I.K. Schuller. Physical Review B 91, 205123 (2015).
  23. Effect of increasing disorder on superconductivity of Mo/Nb superlattices. J. Pereiro, T. Saerbeck,I.K. Schuller. Superconductor Science and Technology 28, 085001 (2015).
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  30. Tailoring exchange bias through chemical order in epitaxial FePt[sub 3] films. T. Saerbeck, H. Zhu, D. Lott, H. Lee, P.R. LeClair, G.J. Mankey, A.P.J. Stampfl,F. Klose. Journal of Applied Physics 114, 013901-013905 (2013).
  31. Ferromagnetism in partially oxidized CuCl. T. Saerbeck, J. Pereiro, J. Wampler, J. Stanley, J. Wingert, O.G. Shpyrko,I.K. Schuller. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 346, 161-165 (2013).
  32. Time-of-Flight Polarized Neutron Reflectometry on PLATYPUS: Status and Future Developments. T. Saerbeck, D.L. Cortie, S. Brück, J. Bertinshaw, S.A. Holt, A. Nelson, M. James, W.T. Lee,F. Klose. Physics Procedia 42, 213-217 (2013).
  33. Specular and off-specular polarized neutron reflectometry of canted magnetic domains in loose spin coupled CuMn/Co multilayers. T. Saerbeck, N. Loh, D. Lott, B.P. Toperverg, A.M. Mulders, M. Ali, B.J. Hickey, A.P.J. Stampfl, F. Klose,R.L. Stamps. Physical Review B 85, 014411 (2012).
  34. Invited Article: Polarization ``Down Under'': The polarized time-of-flight neutron reflectometer PLATYPUS. T. Saerbeck, F. Klose, A.P. Le Brun, J. Fuzi, A. Brule, A. Nelson, S.A. Holt,M. James. Review of Scientific Instruments 83, 081301-081312 (2012).
  35. Neutron Scattering and Its Application to Investigate Magnetic Thin Film Structures. T. Saerbeck,F. Klose. Procedia Engineering 36, 488-495 (2012).
  36. TAIPAN: First Results from the Thermal Triple-axis Spectrometer at OPAL Research Reactor. S.A. Danilkin, M. Yethiraj, T. Saerbeck, F. Klose, C. Ulrich, J. Fujioka, S. Miyasaka, Y. Tokura,B. Keimer. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 340, 012003 (2012).
  37. Antiferromagnetism in Cr_{3}Al and relation to semiconducting behavior. Z. Boekelheide, T. Saerbeck, A.P.J. Stampfl, R.A. Robinson, D.A. Stewart,F. Hellman. Physical Review B 85, 094413 (2012).
  38. Spatial Fluctuations of Loose Spin Coupling in CuMn/Co Multilayers. T. Saerbeck, N. Loh, D. Lott, B.P. Toperverg, A.M. Mulders, A.F. Rodríguez, J.W. Freeland, M. Ali, B.J. Hickey, A.P.J. Stampfl, F. Klose,R.L. Stamps. Physical Review Letters 107, 127201 (2011).
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  40. Artificially modulated chemical order in thin films: A different approach to create ferro/antiferromagnetic interfaces. T. Saerbeck, F. Klose, D. Lott, G.J. Mankey, Z. Lu, P.R. LeClair, W. Schmidt, A.P.J. Stampfl, S. Danilkin, M. Yethiraj,A. Schreyer. Physical Review B 82, 134409 (2010).

Book Chapters:

  1. S.J. Callori, T. Saerbeck, D.L. Cortie,K.-W. Lin. in Solid State Physics Vol. 71  (ed Robert L. Stamps)  73-116 (Academic Press, 2020).
  2. T. Saerbeck. in Solid State Physics Vol. 665  (eds Robert Stamps & Robert Camley) Ch. 3, 237-352 (Academic Press, 2014).


PhD in Physics

University of Western Australia (School of Physics)/

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (Bragg Institute)[Australia]

Diplom in Physics

(equiv. to Masters)

Münster University

Westfälische-Wilhelms-Universität [Germany]

Vordiplom in Physics (equiv. to Bachelors)

Münster University

Westfälische-Wilhelms-Universität [Germany]


Professional Experience

Visiting Professor (2017) at Department of Physics and Astronomy, KU Leuven;
Scientific host: Prof. Kristiaan Temst

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Instrument Responsible, Staff Scientist
Large Scale Structures Group,
Science Division

Institut Laue Langevin, Grenoble, France

Post-doctoral research fellow (2012-2014) Center for Advanced Nanoscience

Advisor: Prof. Ivan K. Schuller

University of California, San Diego (UCSD), USA

Visiting scientist (2012), The Bragg Institute

Software development and commissioning of polarized neutron data reduction framework

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization, Australia

PhD thesis (2012), School of Physics / The Bragg Institute,

Supervisors: Prof. R.L. Stamps / Dr. F. Klose

Investigation of magnetic thin film heterostructures using polarized neutron reflectometery and neutron diffraction

University of Western Australia / Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization, Australia

Diploma in Physics (2008),Surface Magnetism Group

Supervisor: Prof. M. Donath  
Construction and commissioning of an ultra-high vacuum, low energy, spin-polarized, electron source for use in inverse photoemission.

Münster University

Westfälische-Wilhelms-Universität, Germany