CRG - Advanced Reflectometer for the Analysis of Materials

Hydrogen and oxygen profiles in metal superlattices

Due to the high sensitivity of neutrons to deuterium, the density profile of deuterium in metal superlattice can be determined with very high accuracy.

  • Figure 1 (click on image): shows a schematic outline of the Mo0.5V0.5/V superlattice in terms of the coherent neutron scattering length profile.
  • Figure 2: shows experimental and fitted neutron reflectivity curves of the superlattice: (a) before and (b) after loading with deuterium. The insets to (a) and (b) show the scattering length profiles obtained from the respective fits. In (b) slight overloading and the formation of deuterium-depleted layers at the MoV/V interfaces are observed.

(From V. Leiner et al.)