CRG-B - Thermal neutron interferometer

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Breakthrough in neutron physics: A team from TU Vienna, INRIM Turin and ILL Grenoble has succeeded for the first time in building a neutron interferometer from two separate crystals.

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Quantum Mechanics is a strange theory. Richard Feynman said “I think it is safe to say nobody understands quantum mechanics”. So why is it so popular if nobody understands it? How is this the basis for all of our physical knowledge of particles and…

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An old "flaw" of the famous double-slit experiment has now been corrected at TU Wien in a cooperation with Hiroshima University: A single neutron moves along two paths simultaneously, in clearly quantifiable proportions.


Courtesy of TU Wien.

- S18,Austria,Nuclear and Particle physics,Press releases,Scientific news
- Nuclear and Particle physics,Press releases,Scientific news,S18,Austria