Test Laue neutron-diffractometer

Requesting beam time

OrientExpress is a support instrument.  It is not scheduled like other instruments.

OrientExpress is not free to use at any time.  A time request for OrientExpress must be submitted.

  • Time allocation on OrientExpress is very flexible, but there are limits.   
  • Please submit your request as soon as possible before you need OrientExpress.
  • Same-day allocation is not guaranteed, especially on weekends.
  • Out-of-hours and weekend access may be arranged if a request is made well in advance.

Sometimes users may be asked to defer or share their time depending on priorities.  In that event, the corresponding local contacts and the OrientExpress responsible will strive to find the best compromise such that everyone gets the time they need.  Should that occur to you, we ask for your patience and understanding.

If OrientExpress is needed as a support instrument for another experiment as part of a standard proposal, please request it as part of the proposal.  This will consolidate all the relevant data for your experiment under the same proposal number for your convenience.

There are two further routes to request beam time on OrientExpress:

  1. If the sample is not linked to an accepted ILL proposal, please fill in an EASY proposal on the ILL User Club.

  2. If the sample is linked to an accepted ILL proposal, please fill in and submit the web form.