Test Laue neutron-diffractometer

Ground Rules

OrientExpress must be respected!

OrientExpress is a support instrument and is available to help you align your samples.  It is there to be used, and reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate your needs.

HOWEVER, there are a number of ground rules so that it will function correctly and fairly for EVERYONE.

If you look after the instrument and follow the rules, you will always be welcome and it will always be there when you need it.

  • OrientExpress is not a free-service instrument.  Time must be booked as far in advance as possible.  Last-minute requests might not be accommodated, especially if made out-of-hours or over weekends.
  • Everything found on OrientExpress stays on OrientExpress.  No "borrowing" is allowed.
  • Leave the instrument in at least as good a state as you found it.  Take all samples and equipment that you brought with you, and follow the procedure for finishing an experiment.
  • Respect other users' time.  Your time and experiment are not necessarily more important than theirs.  Last-minute accommodations and compromises may be found if different parties agree, but the instrument responsible is the final arbiter if a conflict arises.
  • Tell the instrument responsible if something is broken.  Despite all the care that you WILL take, stuff might still get broken.  If it does, own up and tell the instrument scientist IMMEDIATELY.

The instrument responsible reserves the right to remove access priviliges from the instrument if the ground rules are not respected and OrientExpress is not used responsibly. 


Please refer to:

OrientExpress: A new system for Laue neutron diffraction

B. Ouladdiaf, J. Archer, G.J. McIntyre, A.W. Hewat, D. Brau and S. York

Physica B 385-386 (2006) 1052-1054