Instrument layout

IN4C - High-flux time-of-flight spectrometer

IN4C is a high-flux time-of-flight spectrometer used for the study of excitations in condensed matter. It works in the thermal neutron energy range (10-100 meV).

It is not available for proposal submission. IN4C will be replaced by PANTHER in the framework of the Endurance programme. 


  • characterisation of interaction energies associated with bonding of atoms in solids and liquids;
  • measurement of the energy level spacing in magnetic ions and of interaction between them;
  • observation of the interaction of magnetic moments with their surrounding ions (crystal fields) or with conduction electrons (fluctuating valence, heavy fermions);
  • determination of vibrational states in amorphous solids and polycrystals;
  • examination of molecular excitations in various materials, also of technological interest (zeolites) and especially in diluted systems (matrix isolation).